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Well, that's very. Blue's definition. But I would say if you're gonna call the last professional broadcaster Sam Roberts of not Sam wrestling, a Mark I would have to ask would I be a Mark. If I was at home building an action figure arena with my podcast logo on it. Would that make me a Mark would I be a Mark if I was having championship titles made? So I could just walk around with them. What if I did that twice? What have I had to championship belts made with my logo on them? Just so I could walk around and say, I'm the champ. Would that make me a Mark if so well, I haven't done either of those two things, but if that would make me a Mark please tell me in advance. So I don't make myself look foolish because I was going to order a championship belt. And just walk around and call myself. The internet champion or something. I don't know what I would call myself. Exactly. But please let me know in advance. If that would make me a Mark, especially you know, if I sit at home and make an action figure arena with my podcast logo on it. I don't know that makes me a Mark. Let me know because I won't do that. Then if it's okay, then I'll do it. It's all good. But I just need to know. Because the last thing I want to do is be made a fool of once again. By the major brothers. Wrestling figure podcast, by the way, went to Mattel headquarters over the weekend. I was actually the first person believed this or not the first person who does not work for Mattel to get my hands on both the Pete done and Bob back Lind, elite action figures, the first that includes members of the elite squad, I was certainly the first podcast host to have Pete done and Bob back lend in my hands, which was quite a thrill for me. But I would like to say that I saw Bill Makina while I was out there. Who's done my podcast, Bill McKean? And I had a great conversation. He looked good. He smelled good. Oh, just live a day in the life of Bill Makina would be throw for me. What a great dude that Bill is what a great, dude. And I'll tell.

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