Louis C, Likud, World War discussed on On The Edge With Thayrone


Louis c k of likud's natural uh john near premiere of his new film canceled tonight fox news report you decide the news now john martin the remains of a world war two soldier uh i'll be laid to rest on veteran's day in northern michigan the detroit free press reports that army technician fourth grade pete egged encounter was 24 years old when he went missing in action the defence pow am i a accounting agency says counter was killed in nineteen forty two during and temps engagement with japanese gdp in what is now new guinea his remains were recently identified palaces using dna dental rods and evidence he will be buried saturday in oslo with full military honours his name is recorded on the walls of the missing at a monument site in the philippines along with the names of other soldiers uh or arose at will be place next to his name to indicate that he has been identified him michigan's legislature may weaken a policy oceangoing cargo ships to treat ballast water against invasive species before dumping it a two thousand five law prohibits saltwater vessels from discharging ballast water at michigan ports unless they have system to kill fish muscles or other foreign organisms that may contain scientists believe dozens of destructive species have reached the great lakes imbalanced water a bill approved by the state house and awaiting a vote in the senate would drop a requirement ships use a stateapproved technology to cleanse ballast or else refrain from discharging it in michigan waters instead the state would federal seen environmental groups say are weaker plan radar weather forecast from lam radio four today in windy high of about forty six for tonight mostly clear with wind low around seventeen tomorrow froth shine high of twenty nine that's wam news now i'm dan martin on wam talk 1600 this.

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