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To do X.. Think Thank X. told me to do this. No, they don't WanNa do that. Yeah. It's it's interesting. There's a funny analogy in the market research world in center of our universe you know beginning the company was working with big retail banks in a pharmaceutical companies, etc and we were warned by early advisers who who were pretty high up forrester you WANNA. Steer clear in your early days of Lake. PWS's in the KPMG's in the big consultancies because their goal would be to take whatever your research methodology is, and then they've already got all the enterprise relationships in and they'll just say, hey, we came up with this look at what we found look at how many companies we assess and so yeah, similarly there's. Consequences in your world too. So it is with ideas I. Guess Right easy to swap I can see plenty of upsides there. But of course, there are some downsides back on Agi here you know clearly you and I are on the same page why this interviews happening that much more thought would need to be given to how this would shake interested in some of your instincts neither you nor I know the future, but we have some instincts instincts on. What it would take to cross the chasm where international bodies our nation's maybe let's say would believe that human solidarity around this issue is in central. To be of the belief that at some point, we will have to come to that conclusion if we don't want competing cyborgs and competing strong ai I think that that's that's really the state of nature in terms of plugging in stuff into back of our skulls and in terms of building machines more powerful than ourselves. The state of nature I wouldn't leave very much room for for Happy Little Apes. But what kind of tensions what kind of you know precedence would have to exist four folks to get on the same page and say, Hey, we have to come up with a way to handle this. What do you think it's GonNa, take. That's why we're best prepare the sun. That's why. The but to give us a side point to.

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