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You know why it's insane i dunno i parents always us like you know i went to private school my whole life and my dad's he said why don't why don't you send your kids to private school because when i went to school was four thousand dollars a year now woods fifteen twenty thousand dollars per student and we're talking about elementary k through a it's like wait a minute i'm not bind to cars a year and paying astronomical ran in the bay area it's just i would rather send my kids have public school and use whatever free time i have to be in my school community affairs put them in extracurricular activities things like that that i could afford because i cannot afford to send them to have a private education and i'm not even guaranteed has even better than the public school education because i firmly believe that the difference in a child's education all comes down to the so you know i mean yes at a bad teacher or a dangerous school does play a role but if that parrot is home and pushing their child that kid has a good chance word well and you know i think everything you should is right in and what i'm thinking though is is on a macro scale okay um the the pressures that we put on parents by for their kids to succeed and uh you know you kid has to have you know an ipad because he can't compete with these other kids while they're on the computers and i remember this arman this came along is probably in there men ninety five two thousand the they used to do this in ads apple did and microsoft it as well you know these are competitive things that your kids are going to need and and you know it's it's kind of there's these moments in our modern cultural you're in in in sometimes it's in marketing me for years i never used to talk about making a.

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