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Through today even like when we're reading a story that's based on this template you kind of know it. If that makes sense. I mean like i i mean it's kind of like yeah. It's it's just like okay. Yeah we know like like. Oh we're we're we're we're doing a juggernaut story you know it's been it's been a minute so now we're doing drug or not story. Yeah dad slots doing his job or not story. Or roger starting. A sequel in his juggernaut story Our we want to do it. I mean it's interesting. Because i think sometimes we might knock a comic that other people love and sometimes it comes down to just knowing these tropes right like we can see a juggernaut story coming as soon as it starts whereas other people might be you know their first time which is fine. Because it's a great story and i think a lot of the we're talking about here are some of our favorites of all time even if they're just iterating something that came before so so why. Don't we start by of course talking about good story itself although you know i kind of feel like this is a bit of a cheap because we both have talked about Racing spiderman number two twenty nine to thirty As an essential episode back in the day pre pre seasonal format. I i recommend people who they wanna go back and listen to that they can then we even talked about juggernaut when we did our other other people's bad guys Run down a couple of weeks ago. Is well this this story. Is you know it's it's pretty much considered. The pinnacle of of the stern run on by many people. Juggernaut is being sent out by. Its black tom cassidy right. I'm i'm i'm i'm not. I'm not an expert guy so sometimes confused the names of the x. men other x-men men villains to take down madame web. Who's you know spider-man's. I guess newish friend. That's i mean you know. Have madame web is barely twenty issues old at this point this kind of solidified her staying power. I think you know. I think she could have very easily swept under the rug. And this this this this story makes her like a real tired of the spiderman memphis. Yeah because i did feel i mean. Correct me if i'm wrong. But i don't think she had been used in a story outside of those original denny o'neil ones before this so it was just kind of like. Oh right her. She's back. Oh we setting off this very major drama. So juggernaut is is setting out to to to kill her and you know the the first issue is basically spiderman trying to stop him in juggernaut. It's just like he can't be bothered. He doesn't he's not even like mad at spiderman. he's just like adam away fly. You know he's. I mean literally swats them like a fly and then you know he. He does succeed. In like unplugging madame web chair and like sending her into you know critical condition so the second issue of this story is spiderman like kind of. I guess i wouldn't call getting his revenge. But it's like trying to bring juggernaut to justice i guess in a sense and and you know like you know like aventis friend. I mean you take it from here. I mean how do you. How do you want to describe like everything that happens at this point. I mean i think a lot of my feelings about it came out and our john media junior interview. Which is i think. This is really a showcase of incredible art with the juggernaut and the process via which spiderman undertake this. It doesn't feel quite to me as desperate is some of the other ones that we're going to talk about. Maybe because i don't care about that web all that much as a character..

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