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Record in fact being one of the more prolific legislators on the board to address issues that face our city richard greenberg thank you it's a pleasure to be here my name is richard greenberg richmond district and i have been a resident of san francisco for seventeen years startup consultant and business advisor and i'm going to answer your question from very literal literal focus here besides the fact that i would fight every way to ensure that we have proper funding for research for medicine to ensure that the lgbt community is properly taken care of in terms of like prep or any other scientific advancements to ensure that you thrive and continue and it's kind of a shame it's a shame it really is a shame that the discovery to control or radical hiv took as long as it did because there were thousands of thousands that were affected here in the city that would have been saved if the advancement had been done earlier now than from literal standpoint i have trained in the last year or so nurtured neighborhood emergency response team under the umbrella of the fire department moreover i've also trained under the police department i'm also certified as alert auxiliary law enforcement and so in terms of from both aspects i am able to take the reins and work with the community to help save lives that way supervisor thank you everyone i will say that i'm the only candidate that's running for mayor that actually served as mayor during a time when sadly we experienced.

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