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Their institutes. Would the joke would be GM? Are you can use glide? Well, I'm like what does that even mean? And then they started calling to me. I remember Dickerson every time. He lectured. A CD meetings. You stunned. You know, we're we're we're Neiman Marcus were nordstrom's unless you wanna be like for an and be WalMart. Unlike what the hell's wrong with WalMart? Don't most Americans go to Elmer. And if you try to make some the if you're really really smart, you can drive down costs the only secret to lower prices lower cost, and it's innovations where south was wasn't gonna do the hub-and-spoke they're gonna fly direct, and they noticed when you made it airline to you only set how much is it caution say are you going to be serving chicken or lasagna? So only this is what they're concerned about. And in herb Kelleher drove down costs in flying. Because when I started lecturing in nineteen ninety only unless you're fortune five hundred company was buying airline ticket or the government only that class flew the the American people can afford to fly. When I started lecturing in nineteen ninety it was expensive now anybody can fly and. And it was herb Kelleher that made any grandma on America build afford to fly two granddaughters. Baptism or first confirmation. Whatever in Jim did the same things. How many of those common people in the fly over states? Did Jim makes him have the freedom to afford to save their tooth by driving down costs. I think you said it perfectly as I've heard him say so that was spot on I well, it was an honor as Galileo tell your daughter, I still have. Only two of my sons are married off. So she still has a chance there's still a chance do day.

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