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When you do. TV A few friends that may call you and say hey you did a nice job today but you really don't you don't know where you stand so TV breeds insecurity. And I've always been very secure in my life and my in what I do and you like me great if you don't that's fine too but when you do tv you you you really don't have any clue You know I didn't get a whole lot of phone calls from the golf channel. Sandy did a really good job. I did have a couple of calls when I when I was the analysts analysts that I was slumping the chair to and I had a sit up. Sit Up more. That was the only tip I got so when I first started with the golf channel I was I that was a whole announcer and then I did. Some analysts work on on a few tournaments and then I was an encore commentator. So I did all the different roles that you can do and I did it with different producers so I had some golf channel people then I had Lance Barrow with CBS. And I am Tommy Roy with NBC and they all do it differently so so you have to try to figure out how you you can maneuver all this. And it takes time it takes time to be with a group that that's why. NBC is so good because of they've been doing it forever and CBS. Does it a different way. But they're very good at it too because they do forever and then when you could discuss that if uh-huh and then when you then when you see Fox and I started off doing the the. US Open when they when they got that contract. They were terrible awful because they've never done it before not with the crew. Now those same people so they've gotten better over the years but That was the hardest part I think is just No one went to talk when to not talk. Tuck winter take it to commercial those things that you just did it on the fly. There was nobody. You didn't go to class to figure out how to do this. You just did it and if you if you were good at it then Then I guess at the end of the year they they resigned. You tell me Roy you're the whole time at times. Yes and at times Lansbury. Who is in your ear here too But you you need that you need. You need direction especially being an encores commentator. You'd I don't have. I'm not looking at a video screen. So you have to to Kinda in your brain figure out. Okay how you do it now. Tommy Roy doesn't do tape shots were. CBS Does it tape shot. So I can already see you. Hit hit your Puttin A- and you missed it low or you left at short and I could say this putz really slow. I just saw him. You know so so on course commentator would. CBS In with the Golf Golf Channel. You do taped shots. And they'll come to you and they'll say what kind of parts he got here and then you've already seen it where time Roy. NBC Doesn't do that they don't do tape. Shut the tape shots are done by the guys up in up in that. Have that whole so. In that respect it was easier for me being out there because then I could just go up to the next to the next hole. I didn't have to wait and kind of recreate this Putt and you see it in your ear in your ear. They'll say like a tape shot. Then he's over he's over at. He's getting ready to put it now. You're talking while while these doing so and you're not looking at it. That's a that's crazy that's trip. What was it like to kind of transitioning into your mid forties like? The state of your game was a swallowing pride feeling of going into media. What did you think did you think you? We're done with golf when you made that transition counting down to champion's tour what's that time period between forty five and forty nine and three hundred sixty four days like yeah. It was At first it was it was a relief to okay. I'm going to do something different. I'm gonNA try something different. I'm going to learn a new craft. That was Kinda cool It was a relief if mentally to know that. Okay I'm not You know I'm not going to have to grind to survive on the PGA tour given that part up so it was kind of a relief. Relief there and then Just just learning this new three I I did it for three years My First Year I did twelve tournaments the second year I did nine tournaments in the third third year. I did eight tournaments and Jack Graham that hired me said. You're the only you're the only person I've ever hired. That wants less tournaments than more tournaments Most guys want to keep doing it and doing more and get into it now as I knew what I was GONNA do. I just needed a break from the game. I think that the taken that break. I think that's helped me tremendously on the champions tour because I I didn't WANNA come. I didn't WanNa do that transition from the regulatory of the champion's tour playing Lousy Golf. Because then you can't turn that switch on and go Kay I'm going to start playing great again so I think taken that break really mentally really helped me in in in when I came out at fifty hours I was fired up and I was ready to go in and played well right away. What chain your game between the time when you were done with the PGA tour and starting the champion's hippyish story couldn't be easier? Setups couldn't have changed. No no I think. I think it's just you know it's just pressure. You know playing lousy and plane lane lousy again and then just going home and your kids are going to miss the cut again. It's it's tough you know it's it's it's just a grind and then into come out at fifty and start playing well it's It's like a new lease on life. So it's it's it's it's clean. Yeah it's it's not it's not there it's not there while you're doing TV did you have. Did you feel like God. Just WanNa play right now like you have that urge. Are you so focused on the analysis and stuff. I feel like it'd be hard being a competitor to then switch over to behind the camera wanting to hit the shot like wanting to be back in the in the action the other other times that I would say sure but Nine knew that it was that I knew my role that I wasn't playing well in in this. This'll to be a good a good break for me. I enjoyed the break I still played a little bit Played a couple of tournaments year Just to wet you Have that sensation But I didn't play that well and then when I turned forty nine I did get in a few tournaments and You know the Sanderson Farms was opposite the British open and went down there and I was even par through twenty seven holes and finished I think eighteen under and finished fifth. I remember Woody Austin one so that that's when the light went off like okay I I still think I got some some game here because this is pretty cool to do that. And had my my son Came Academy for me. He was nice cool so that was really cool to going back to let's like into your PGA tour career. What was what was your? I guess coming out into the into the tour kind of experience like when you go out there first time around there. Who are the guys you looked up to? who were the guys became some of your early friends? And what was your early experience like on the tour so Yeah I played a few tournaments amador on the PGA tour. The Western open invited me because the year before Scott verplank one as an amateur so in eighteen eighty seven played there. I played the masters as an amateur so I played the Bank of Boston which it pleasant valley is named her so I felt like I was good enough to you know. I wasn't in total awe but when I first came out my first year I struggled finished. I think thirty fourth on the money list. I didn't keep my card hard. Bhai think nine thousand dollars had to go back to q school. And then the summer of eighty nine I played with Fred couples and policing and the last group group at West Chester and I beat them both and finish fifth. And that's when my career took off the that's so it took a year and a half a play in the tour. Where am I good enough? I think I am good enough. But I haven't results haven't haven't really showed yet. And then once I finished fifth in Westchester my career took off and and who helped me Br Facts was a huge help out of the gate. You know he made. Sure I had great practice rounds You know if it was Tom Kite my rookie year. I went up to Tom Watson and and introduced myself at The first tournament and said Hey I'm new guy out here. Let's play a practice round with the next week. Phoenix eight on ball in the air at eight thirty thirty So I played a lot of practice rounds with Watson and Andy North in doing that took the all away edge off of. Yeah like so. So then you starting to play practice rounds with all these great players The one the one thing that just blew me away was was how short everybody was like. I thought Ben Crenshaw was six to one watching. TV and then you meet him and he's like shorter than me So everybody was a little shorter than All the all the all the studies. It's that that I watched as a kid growing up but When I first came out it was? It was making sure that I played great practice rounds with great players so factually helped me there. Jay Haas was as a Muslim was a huge help for me being a wake forest guy and Taking care of me just making sure I was. I remember him saying to me that You know we're playing for at this time. This was nineteen eighty eight. You Plan for a lot of money out here and you know if it's first class versus coach on a long flight you know and it's three hundred dollars. There's more you know you you're in the major leagues you treat yourself like you're a major leaguer not Nana minor leaguer and a hotel that's close to the course is more are expensive than hotel. That's forty minutes away. Stay at the hotel close to the chorus interesting and and treat yourself as you know. You're you're in the big leagues and And that really helps so there was an Peter Jacobsen was another guy that just I remember playing the Western open income in shot. Seventy seven. Whatever and in Peter Walk by and said how'd you play He? Billy what's up. Hey Hey Peter What's wrong. You look down. I said well I just shot seventy seven he goes. It's over her rounds over man. There's nothing you can do about now. Just get ready for tomorrow and like those little things from guys that I respected and look up looked up to or things that I I to this day. I still remember that. Were you know big keys for me in in in my success early on on that money front you were. We just discussing their did it. I mean seeing what happened in golf basically in the late late nineties and into the early two thousands how much the money exploded going back to the earliest ninety s when the peak and prime of your career. Did it feel like a ton of money. Even at that time even with what's to come down the pipe. Oh Yeah No I. In in ninety one I want two weeks in a row and I won one hundred and eighty. They were million dollar tournaments. And I just remember Tom Kite. Saying you're you're so lucky that that you came came up when you came up because our plan for million dollar tournaments you know and you get one hundred eighty thousand for the win when he came up. If you WANNA tournament it was thirty grand or forty the grant to win so it's He just said you. You're just you're just one lucky son of a gun and then I would. I would say the I said the same thing that Justin Leonard. He came out right at the right time. He came out in ninety six ninety seven right when.

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