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T o P Traffic Center watch for brief slowdowns on the Beltway topside in Maryland, Outer lived from New Hampshire Avenue to the Northwest Branch Bridge before University Boulevard. The work along the right side, then the volume from university to 29 Coles Hill Road. Whether happened, broken down vehicle along the right side hearing of a report of a crash on the interlude between river in the 2 70 spur with some debris in the roadway, the vehicle maybe off of the travel portion of the roadway, not seeing much of us. Go down just yet, but something to keep an eye out for also the interlude before Pennsylvania Avenue. There was also a report of a crash in the District 16th Street near Florida Avenue Northwest, a report of a wreck North bound in the third Street Tunnel. Those delays headed onto outbound New York Avenue in South Bound D. C. Tu 95 has the volume getting passed East Capitol Street, but those lanes should be opened back in Maryland on Route 50 eastbound. Those delays. Are almost back to Cape ST Claire in ST Margaret's Road. This takes you on to the eastbound span of the Bay Bridge. The left Lane of two is blocked with the work of the westbound span was running two way traffic, but now we have reports of some debris on the westbound spans. I'm not sure how many legs do you have available to you in either direction? Westbound delays are out of Stevensville eastbound. Of course, those delays again back near Cape ST Claire. So it is a slow go in either direction. Trying to get across the Bay Bridge in Virginia eastbound 66 slowdown is inside the Beltway, trying Head toward glib rode a single left lane will get you by the cones plan on crossing the Bay Bridge. Get current traffic in bay bridge dot com or 1877 Base ban All electronic tolling is now live Get easy passed today. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. All right, let's get the latest hot weather forecast from storm team forced Chuck Bell another day without having to worry about raindrops across the area. Plenty of Sunshine today will be hot afternoon highs.

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