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Then. Because that's GONNA. Make you sad too because we want you to have love and attention and affection adoration now. So just think about it in terms of I'm not going to settle. But I'M GONNA keep my eye open. My mind opened my heart open I'm just going to be out there connecting and along the way there's going to be one person that I just want to spend more time with. If, you frame it that way it won't be like, Oh, I'm going to be in this dearth of activity until it happens because that's no fun right you want to be dating you WANNA be connecting with people but just taking your eye off the prize off the target doesn't mean I would say just because you're letting go of your grip doesn't mean you're. Letting go of your dream, it's that grip that makes us angry and frustrated and not cool to date and it's the open mindedness that says, Hey, I'm looking and I'm ready to receive it but I have no idea when it's going to happen that's what makes an easier person to know and it makes your dating life more effortless and less stress. Thank you. I know this doesn't sound like practical tangible advice because you know the practical tangible advice is actually very easy to give everything starts with mindset everything April. I'm so convinced you are such a genius relieved love your approach of curiosity and confidence and self not self reflection. It's not self determination but I guess a sense of one's own self worth before you date well. If. You think about it everybody did that kind of self check you know we all look at our cars before we go on long road trips but nobody looks under the hood of their own self before they start dating and then they get kind of pummeled the wind like if I were let's say I were single right now and I was back quote unquote there. I would have knowledge of what am I core values? What is it that I want? What am I deal breakers? What do I have to offer? What's my romantic value and I would keep my list really tight and really simple and I would enjoy I wouldn't be thinking of when am I gonNa meet them the people that take their eyes off the target in my opinion and all of my clients who've actually gotten engaged married through me..

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