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In a bit of a whole and second of all to stops by the defense compared to the i would defense which got one stop let's take a look we're looking okay got it all right by the way no interceptions actually in one form on the football game two for the two fumbles on the barnstorming but they lost one penalty yardage for each team is committed four penalties arizona's twenty two yards bar summers for thirty six possession time fifteen thirty nine for arizona fourteen twenty one for i'll third donka versus both over two and four thousand conversions both teams over one red zone scores are chances arizona three or four bar stormers to to individually for iowa drew powell has run the ball ten times for annetta fifty six yards and a touchdown and he's also throw the ball three times for seven times he's completed three for forty eight yards and two touchdowns valentine with that halfback path for thirty seven yards and a touchdown degrading roller for the rattler barrel monroe and like you said joe he is a load forty six yards and touchdown he's got a long thirty eight to carry for of eight for throwing the football eat a twelve for ninety yards two touchdowns receiving wise barnstorm have only caught four passes and roland has three of them three for eighty one yards and two touchdowns valentine one for four touchdowns receiving wise zona anthony amos three of three catches for fifty three yards and a touchdown jamal miles three for twelve and a touchdown desmond f one for twenty four and jabber thornton one four one you mentioned apps four for sixty six yards bars domas hayes parades and pearson before he was injured two for seventeen defensively winfrey was six tackled meriwether three for the rattlers and jordan wicklow six and a half of the bars from feature butler with two and a half and the stats pretty much indicate how close this football game really is because you're going to get the ball to start the second half the key now we've got to get down and get in the end zone huge advantage last time it came down to and i kept saying to drop the broadcast from talking stick arena in the malet tucson phoenix arizona that whoever had the ball laugh win the game that's what it came down to went into overtime and the arizona rattlers on fourth down and three roll the dice went for.

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