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Tomasz angeles orange county radio station back down i'm michael crozier live from the kfi twenty four hour newsroom barefoot dude and shorts and draped in an american flag has come down from a construction crane cops were called to hollywood boulevard and el central about five yesterday afternoon officials waited the guy out he got about two hundred feet in the air on top of this crane arrested him when he made his way down and jumped to a roof just after eight o'clock last night he's been taken for a mental evaluation white house homeland security and counterterrorism adviser thomas beaufort says the us has a problem on its southern border and it's time to fix it it's alarming it's over two hundred percent increase and we're talking about apprehending over fifty thousand people attempting to cross our border in one month boasted sending in the national guard or something they've always considered he says president trump directed his cabinet to not catchandrelease but to catch and detain those trying to get across the border a lift drivers being accused of dumping a pilot trying to get to work passenger says the driver was annoyed with a little money he'd make on the trip to lax so he dropped him off apparently at random parking lot seven miles away the pilot film the incident called another lift to get to work he says he contacted the company got a standard letter back saying the company would look into it republican senator from maine susan collins says congress needs to check out epa administrator scott pruitt tangas needs to do some oversight but on policy grounds alone i think scott pruitt is suboxone person to head the epa was the only republican to vote against pruitt's confirmation last year white house economic adviser larry cudlow says president trump's proposed tariffs on china are a warning the problem here is china is not president trump past american presidents refused to take them on i think president trump's doing exactly the right thing says he would support trump enforcing the one hundred fifty billion dollars in tariffs against china he says the tariffs would generate positive results which would grow the us economy china's economy and the world economy a new study says most women aren't really getting ready for retirement catherine collins with transamerica center for retirement study says women are at a disadvantage because on average they make less than men lower income means less income available to save and over the course.

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