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Here's a look at wwl traffic from the wwl traffic center i'm patty burnham on the bony carrey spillway coming in from la plus traffic's moving at speed when she touched touchdown in kenner we got inbound delays between williams and power but they open up as you make your way into downtown outbound on the i ten toward lip gloss we're seeing delays between clearview and power in from the east twin span and high rise are looking good secondary delays almost back to saint bernard approaching the fly over and on the river bound expressway those delays are just right around the arena coming into downtown once you pass all the downtown exits though it opens up and heads to the west bank without any trouble east bank bounds delays are back to before terry parkway and they're solid coming over to the lake bound expressway and is crawling through downtown the lake bound expressway canal street ferries running today so that's a good option to come in from the west bank if your eastbound on the i ten we're seeing delays at louisa approaching the high rise you can't drive through quarter north ramp and canal street traffic is very heavy at stop and go park away from the quarter in mid city or uptown that's what they're recommending and catching rta bus or streetcar to get downtown to the festival accidentally she feels that saint claude carrollton at oleander traffic brought to you by vacation express your weeklong getaway to cancun riviera maya now for just six ninety nine you can book six night all inclusive vacation with nonstop flights from columbus package includes all meals drinks hotel taxes and flights booked now got a traffic tip called wwl 504260info from wwl v news talk sports powerhouse of the gulf cell scoot in the afternoon where politics and pop culture meet your opinions call 5042601870 text eight seventy eight seventy four tweet at wwl am fm now from jefferson financial federal credit union studios here screwed in the afternoon it's a friday afternoon it's friday april the thirteenth yeah friday the thirteenth i hope it's a good day for you so far hey it's day two of a french quarter fest and also the ponchatoula strawberry festival is this weekend bag a donuts is performing there tomorrow afternoon and i saw a bag of doughnuts yesterday before they went on at french quarter fest by the nashes and.

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