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Yeah i mean i definitely think that the vixen probably overall did a better job i thought though that blair saint clair really had more energy had a lot of energy i don't know if that's because i had maybe low expectations of what blair was going to do with this lip sync but i thought that they both did really well honestly i i still can't get over the fact that the vixen did like air trumpet or air or something it was supposed to be a trombone yeah like what is going on i can we can we stop like air instruments because we've got an era guitar twice now we have air trumpet we got the air band i'd love for them to play love their music crack calm down within say hairband okay we're not there yet i mean i'm just going to give you guys a hot take i wish she would have sent them both home really thought that this was terrible on both of them because you've got blair saint clair over there acting like celine dion instead of donna's you start diana ross and then you've got the vixen who is flipping and dipping and twisting and really it's supposed to be a fun happy song it's supposed to be like non in winking end like almost soul tree in a way and yet there is nothing of that coming from her like it reminded me of latrice royale and kenya michael's when she's flipping around the stage where latrice is just singing except there was no latrice royale this time there were just two idiots on the stage that didn't know what the song was about so i kind of both of them would have been sent home i'm sure people are like the vixen and now that's not true because i really responded to her out that this week it's just i feel like she released screwed up the lips sink in relied too much on like flipping around like a cat in a room full a rocking chair.

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