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Now. So why did they give her name because she was the all haughty but like humans gave me a name to Goliaths? They probably gave all you assholes names like you're telling me that someone gave Goliath name. Someone gave Dimona a name and they're like envy authors and the pro coil. What's also how did he not know her name? Does she get a name after they were stone? Lake Shoe survived right like she was able like. She wasn't stone defied so like she says she was. And it's believable. She says she was cursed. By the MAGA's the same way that goliaths decided to be cursed by the mega is to like. She went to him and was like. Hey just you know. But she's also a liar so who the fuck knows what she's been doing the past thousand years right when she got that name. You're right that's a good question that I never considered because if it were at the same time that he got Goliath like why wouldn't they call her Dimona to his face? Yeah yes you can call me Dimona but other gargoyles around maybe they just called her. Dimona bonaly tour phase but like lose fucking Damone over here. T think I'm sure it's a playoff like demon bs. Something Lady Demon she as a level demon. Oh my so. We're getting wrapped up in the minutia. Here we're almost finished. After Dimona says her name Dream Boat finally shows up these elevators. They're not super speedy now. She is been writing elevator in real time. She just decided to run up the stairs instead. Yeah she took the stairs. Five hundred floors another rocket is fired and it takes out the castle as we've already mentioned deluxe must have obtained that live on the property like ten floors of the skyscraper are devoted to housing his masons. That's why it's so big. He's got a house all of his Mason. This rocket explosion. Yes knocks deluxe. The fuck out good but it also makes Dimona and dream boat get near the edge and start tumbling and Goliath has to make the choice. Do I save the human girl who I love or do I save Damone? I guess her name is who I thought I loved but apparently has been after me this whole any extreme vote. Well here's what I would say to that. Liz Dimona has wings yes. She can't help herself and she's fine but also dream is used to it. This is the second time she just likes tumbling off buildings from the stratosphere down to the earth below like she's over she's like. This isn't even exciting anymore. It's fine obviously as you said. He Saves Dream Boat Setzer Down Safely. And then he goes to throw deluxe off the fucking. Yeah but don't talk him out of it and it's like if you do it then you're no better than Dimona or you know. They just won't be a plot anymore if he just through deluxe off the roof. All of the gargoyles problems would go away which it might be worth that killing. One human in cold blood and really. It's not in cold blood right. It's to protect also in retaliation for the shit that he's already pulled right. He tried to kill them. It's self defense. It's really not to say that deluxe does not deserve this shit. It would be a terrifying way to die guess cod yeah but instead Dream Boat. Just arrest okay. Not that that's going to do anything. Owns the police. You Know He Shirley. How else are they just like? Turning a blind eye to all this explosion battle. He's got the police in his pocket. He is this city. The episode ends with some comedy from the oils lighthearted way to in this pretty heavy episode. Brooklyn's sunglasses his sweet shades. Were broken in the fight. Broadway's hungry gliding dream boat. Make out and yeah that's it they don't make but they do make plans for another date. Which made me wonder? When does she ever sleep or work? Yeah she'd literally spent every night until sunrise with Goliath. Maybe she takes micro naps. Maybe you know five minutes here. Ten minutes there. She's trainer her body to run off of six hours of sleep total but in very small chunks. Maybe Goliath just energizes her. She doesn't have to work until nine. Thirty Sun comes up around this? Let's call it summertime around five thirty six o'clock and after he wears her ass out she goes home and goes right to sleep. Our just gets all comfy cozy for a couple of hours Liz. We've decided that This is just an adult rated podcast about. I think that's been clear. Since episode one YEAH WE ARE FOULED. But we made it to the end of the awakening. Five part the start of the show. Yeah I think we should take one more break. We'll finish her up. We'll say goodbye and we'll see what's happening next week. Cool Long. In Modern Day Bristol. Someone is copying one of the most infamous serial killers of all time. Jack The ripper. Only this time. The story is different. A woman survives and decides to get her revenge by taking the law into her own hands but in so doing she awakens a darkness deep insider if you like suspense Thrillers Man. Serial killers tune into Jane. The ripper and audio drama coming to Calamity Cast Dot Com Halloween Twenty nineteen. Welcome back everybody to defenders of the night. Where a once again. We have finished the five part opening to the gargoyles series the awakening Liz. Yes hell of a run right. This is a really interesting way to start the show. What did you think of this up? In specific I liked it. It was very action packed. you learn things? I'll just kept making me go well and like. I have so many questions and a good thing that means. I WANNA keep watching in hopes that these questions will be answered especially about the robots and the Mona. I'm glad we can call her by her name. Now yeah cheese it fell off the roof and I do think she survived The they leave that open ended by like wings. Obviously Juliet right leg. We've seen multiple other gargoyles fall off the roof like we know they're going to be fine. Fine did we call it on the robots or did we call it. You said it. Earlier on the episode robot related. We said it way. Early in the series deluxe is the bad guy. Yup We nailed these things and I gotta say it's not because I seen the series before because I didn't remember Shit right like some of this stuff wasn't coming back. Oh no the whole first episode came back to me but since then I'm like okay. I remember general things about this series as a whole but yeah I I'm not remembering these platforms at all for me for a lot of it's been like watching a new show. Yeah that's how little I remember. It's more of the kind of feelings that brings up in me like the. Yes fucking my childhood. Yes exactly yeah. What do you think David trying to do? I think that he's just trying to be an evil rich guy like despite what they've shown us. He has specific motivations other than to be bad guy with a lot of money. He can do this. He's doing it. Yeah he doesn't have any specific ideas or goals right now or if he does. They are not being broadcast to the viewer rain. Yeah just to be the biggest baddest richest tech guy. I don't know how about you. What do you got any? Yeah I think a lot of is just like the be the most powerful unstoppable. I'd like to know his backstory a little bit like I feel like most villains have some sort of reason why they are the way they are right. The best villains are the ones that are the heroes their stories so maybe he has motivations that we'll see more clearly as the series goes on. I hope so or it's going to be one note of character. Just will no. Yeah and he seems like there's so much room for gross fair that we're going to get a lot of his pesos or not. Because it's fucking children's cartoon rate that's the thing who knows. I know I mentioned this during the show itself. But what are they supposed to do now? They were literally just had attempted. Murder happened to them. David has shown his hand right early. Yeah little soon. They know he wants them. Dead and has these robots has plans for mass destruction. They know Dimona is not a good gargoyles cool. Let's just keep chilling on this castle yet. They live with their main antagonists right. I don't remember what Dream Boat said took off but instead of him his normal Posey When the sun comes out he was like shocked to look on his face. God Yeah what was it? It was funny I think. She showed him her boobs. Hope Hoop as I hit the MIC. Boobs are exciting. I don't I don't care. Do you cowboy if Google has a boehner when the sun comes up to stay heartache of course it gets Liz Liz. Liz Gets rock-hard. Look at the literally covering my is was. Can we finish Liz once again? We've finished another episode of defenders of our. Thanks go out to eat and McGowan four. Providing our interstitial musical ditties go find him on Instagram and twitter at I'm not spelling out this time. Easy underscore breezy underscore MAC and check out his band. 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