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It can ruin mean in terrible and evil that really that emperor. People were. Yeah. I like the movie a lot. I think that one of my bigger problems with the movie is like what you guys were mentioning the Shirley family, really just not being down. With the way that they portray Dr Shirley, and Tony lips relationship, and that being them trying to gloss over that like he was sort of semi ignorant guy that just turned into like totally open-minded in regular person act by the end of the movie that that probably just not the case. I mean, you can even see in the case of his son Val along the guy who said Muslims knocking towers, and he's tweeted that in twenty fourteen like he's saying that all that stupid shit. So I don't think that was a smart way of doing it. But I think if this exact story if they just made it a fiction like if this was not using those names and about anybody else, I would've loved it. One hundred percent it would have been in my top ten movies of the year. But I think that those scandals running the movie like not just develop things, but everything else knocked down a few points for me. But the movie like Jeff said in the vacuum of being a movie, it was great Vigo Mortenson route transformed himself for the role like the last thing I'd seen captain fantastic. It's like seeing night and day between those two characters team that in this. It's insanity. It gained a bunch of weight. He'd picked up his accent. And for guy who's like, whatever. Danish. Like, he really. Eat pulled off being like an Italian old man as somebody who's met plenty of them a lot especially the ending Christmas seen. Great numb. I put down on my notes when I saw that. They both poured their hearts out like you. You could see they were both very into their roles and they cared. A lot about how they portray them. And I thought that was like you said that was a big reason why the movie worked probably the biggest was Mercia Lee and just performances overall yet. And that's the problem is you have a movie that has a narrative that almost wants to be a feel good friendship movie set around setting like you're saying that was almost a fairytale setting that wasn't really Representative of the the actual realities of the evilness of like that time. Right. And so they they clash at one another. So I guess my stance is like I understand that. I completely get why this movie can be construed as problematic. But I did like the performances. A lot in as movie, it was a good narrative story. But I think you gotta go away from that knowing that like a little more research goes beyond that you can find out more about the time. It just wasn't that way. Very well put very much. So I'm not gonna reveal the audience score. Because I I wanna wait for the top tens. I don't wanna spoil. What's going to be on the edge? And what's going to be in there? So I'll just leave it at that. For now. Next up can you ever forgive me with Melissa McCarthy, and Richard E grant celebrity bog or for Lee Israel makes her living. Profiling the likes of Katherine Hepburn to Lula Bankhead, stay Lauder. Is it a St. water Estee Lauder, Estee Lauder and journalist Dorothy killin? Sure that one I have no clue don't make me read when leave the longest important part. When leaves no longer able to get published because she has fallen out of step with taste. She turns her art form to deception. Help her low friend Jack play by Richard E grant and. Yep. Kendrick best friend, retrea Graham, they're both nominated. I. Okay. Can you ever? Forgive me on my top ten very close though..

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