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Wins either. Finishes them underground. Wins pretty lopsided decision. Derek gone five rounds now. He went on main event. We know he can do it now. yeah i think i think he wins Either windsor a pretty pretty dominant decision or or late. Stoppage like fourth round. Yeah just continues to take down. A battery on the ground gets them out of their fourth fifth round. I could see that happening as well There we go matt It is always a pleasure to catch up. And now they got this new podcast. You're going to be one of my regular co hosts on here already. I've already coopted you into into joining the short regular basis Unlike our podcast where you know obviously doing a week to week and that's a lot of time commitment. I'm like okay. You gotta every four weeks here. Okay you could do. You can do that. Yeah man shit. Maybe i'll just made the commitment man. We'll just start doing it regularly. i don't know we'll see you know. My life is crazy. Man should be getting back into camps soon and of course hats always a huge commitment. So but i love doing it with you man. I love being on time. And we'll figure something out bro absolutely absolutely mad as always a pleasure stick around for a second just going to get out of here playing intro and then we'll come back Everyone makes you're checking out the podcast every week Fight of the righty. You can find out. Enemy fighting dot com. You can also find it on. All of your favorite podcast platform spotify apple podcasts. All of those make sure you subscribe rate all that kind of good stuff and we'll be back next week with another addition of fighter versus the writer damon martin. We'll see dan. thanks for tuning in. You're listening to the box media podcast network..

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