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I have no idea was talking about music. Okay. What songs this it's from the eighties? But I don't remember what who sang it. It's from the eighties. I think it is or maybe in the nineties. I'm not sure that it would be an eighty had to play the song for you off off off recording. But I think you'll recognize I'm nine tireless. Sure. But maybe not not enough is devas when he the coolest coach he's got a cool name. I like his name debo Daboh. Yeah. That's where the dad came from. The dead the dab dab dab. Oh, I don't think. So man. Don't think. So don't think. So. So is there a cooler coach to work for then Davos, Wendy? Yes, or no I can't deny. He's cool. He seems like a you'd want to send your kid play. Yeah. And you can get a beer with him. You know, you you can hang out with him outside the football field. You know what? I mean. Like, you can like how do I say you want to go hang out sometime? Coach like that. Probably won't be a weird thing to say with this guy. I agree with that. Like, he's he's the kind of coach that is a nice guy. He will. He will tell you what you did wrong on that certain play. But he'll also go have a beer at the and enjoys something else to yell you to get his point across. No, absolutely not. He is man. He's so refreshing to listen to Nick savings, very tight. You know mill Bella chick, very up-tight manic purse. He doesn't look like a good person. You know what? I mean, looks evil Bortles like you know, what I mean? Like, he's evil. He's emperor. Paypal to see the Senator Pell pelleting. So you're talking about Senator palpitation emperor. Paople teen is new Senator. He's the emperor. He's the evil emperor. Lord, Pablo teen whatever you wanna call. He was a Senator, but he's known to be emperor Powell team. So I don't know what your why you had to be. So specific about that those. Okay. Yeah. Easy, pal. Patine anyways. Devas Winnie coolest college coach ever. Yes. Maybe the coolest coach ever in. Any sport is a coach in any sport right now that seems cooler DO. No, not really. Yeah. I don't think so. Right. We'll take a quick break. And then we'll talk about the NFL when we return. But before we do that. I have a question. What would it look like if we all just listen more listening to audio books? Inspires.

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