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The San Mateo bridge. Your next update at two 58 on the traffic leader case. Areas of dense fog this morning it should burn off later in the morning, but then this afternoon rain should start up and parts of the Bay Area will spread throughout the Bay Area and then Monday night we're looking at windy rainy conditions lasting into Tuesday highs Monday and Tuesday upper 50s to mid 60s, chance of rain Wednesday, rain, Thursday, pretty much on through new year's. It's going to be a wet week here in the Bay Area. Right now, in San Francisco and Alameda, it's 47° in Fremont 48° sebastopol 45 in Antioch it's 42°. Traffic and weather together on the 8th on all news one O 6 9 and a.m. 7 40 K CBS. Pixie clay is at the kcbs editor's desk news time is two 51. As more attacks bring out over Ukraine, Russian president Vladimir Putin says that Moscow is prepared to negotiate some acceptable outcomes with all the participants in this process. We get more from case CBS Liz St. John. Ukrainian officials in western backers are skeptical about Vladimir Putin. He has not changed his goals since the end of the war, which is to control or eliminate Ukraine. Don Jensen, director of Russia and Europe at the U.S. institute of peace and former diplomat at the U.S. embassy in Moscow. What he's doing here is number one. Maybe asking for a pause, so his military, which has done very poorly, can get a pause and refresh and he drafted a lot of untrained recruits and that might be able to stop the Ukraine advance, which is slow and deliberate and mostly successful. Another reason he thinks Putin is saying he's willing to negotiate. I think you saw part of the drama this week in Washington. He's trying to get the consensus behind Ukraine to break up. Jensen thinks that Ukrainian president zelensky's addressed to Congress in Washington this past week was successful. Oh, I think it was incredibly important. First of all, let's show the Ukrainian people that the United States and most of the west are indeed behind them. Liz St. John, case CBS. Maybe you noticed that the cost of shopping up significantly over the holiday season. Much of that has to do with inflation, but it's reporter Chris Stevens tells us there's another reason behind the surge in prices. Credit and debit card swipe fees. They've doubled over the past decade, soaring 24% to a record $137.8 billion last year alone for most merchants, they're the highest operating costs after labor. We are paying for the profits of the credit card industry. Doug Kanter is general counsel for the national association of convenience stores. The money center banks that issue the vast majority of these cards

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