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Joy of life. Dreams of seeing the world. His mother, Alison Crowder, was on the stage. Her husband started. The Wells crowd Their trust, which gives out scholarships and also the Red bandana project, which provides curriculum and training and leadership, Alison travels the country speaking to adults and kids about choosing to be a hero. She's with us now. And Alison, How are you this week? Well, I'm fine. Thank you. Over the years, you know you develop a kind of a strength to face. You know, it's not just the anniversaries every day. But you just kind of focus on good that you can try to make come into the world. Yeah, You know, everyone's different. We've spoken to survivors who just can't talk at all this week on wondering if it's the fact that you and your late husband Jeff, who we're so sorry, passed away two years ago from cancer. Yes. Yeah, We remember him at the one of the readings of the names at the World Trade Center. He'd blow a kiss to the sky as he read your son's name, but I'm wondering if it helps both of you. When you realized that your son was a hero, he was the man in the red bandana. Yes, it helped us very much. I mean, one of my greatest torments was that he would have been trapped and suffering, like so many people were and that would have been like the ultimate torture for wells. So when we found out that he was actually free to make his final decisions about how he was going to behave at the attacks, that was a huge relief. By reading the articles in The New York Times being the reference system in red bandana. I knew right away that that was well said I finally found him. I think I read a quote I found you, Um, and tell us that story. How he came to have a red bandana. Your late husband was a member of the local empire Hook and Ladder Company number one. You're there in Upper Nyack, New York Wells When he was seven. He would understand. I understand you go with Jeff. Your husband, too. Clean fire trucks by 16. He became a junior member. He eventually had full firefighters status that was pulling him as well. Well, Wells was full of adventure always was kind of leaping from the highest places, but he was also kind of like a guardian angel. He had two younger sisters, and he always was looking out for them. And me, too. I guess he felt I needed a little. Protection. So was he What? Five he actually saved. His sister pulled her back from a road. Yes, that's right. Yes, honored. Suddenly she jumped up and she was three ran out the door in between two cars. Wells just jumped up, went right after and grab through folder back, but take us back to when he He wanted a pocket scarf. How did he get the bandanna? We dressed for church back in those days. Well, sad, a little jacket. And he asked one morning my husband, he said. Daddy, can I have a white handkerchief like you wear in your breast pocket? And my husband said Sure, well, so he went in and grabbed one of his handkerchiefs and also happen to grab a red bandana. And he walked back, folded up the hanky and put it in well sells best pocket, padded it and said no Wells. This white handkerchief, that's for sure. Here's a bandana. That's for blow for messy jobs to blow your nose. Keep that in your back pocket, and so He did forever after he It was like a connection. I think to his father. And there was another story. Um, he had us read. Bandana on his folded up on his desk and a woman that worked in his office at Sandler O'Neill came up to Monday and said, Well, what is it with that red bandana and whilst picked up the Red Bend down and turned around and held it up and said With this red bandanna. I'm going to change the world. Yeah. Well, let's talk about that. He went to Boston College, then took a job as you say, as an equities trader for the firm, Sandler O'Neill in one of the towers. When you say he's changing the world, he changed. Certainly the lives of So many people. It's Also. So, um Irian, maybe in a You know, a lovely way out. You tell me, but I understand the last week and you saw him. He'd come to see you guys and he was very quiet. And you asked if he was okay. What did he say? Is he looked at me and he said to me, Mom, I don't know what it is, but I know this much I know. I meant to be part of something really, really big. He had a sense of something coming. Yeah. And actually, I had a premonition that began the night before 9 11 that I was going to die today and other 9 11 families talk about this. How there were census. Of impending doom. It really open the spiritual gate for me to give me strength and To know that God was worst in some way, and that's why I just keep on Going out and speaking with people and speaking to Children and teaching them that they don't have to do what? Well, you know the extreme of what Wells did, but there's so many ways to bring good into the world and care for other people. Um, this is very tender. And I asked you before we began talking formally today if I could mention this, and you said that it's okay to go back to that day, September 11th 2000 and 18 46 in the morning. American Airlines flight. 11 flew into the North tower Wells was in the South tower, and I asked permission again. Is it okay if we hear a phone message that he left.

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