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Tugging at toronto argonauts head coach marc trestman formerly coach of the bears and before we let you go i have to ask you we've had so much fun at your expense over the years for something that you said mistakenly in your introductory press conference in chicago and i wonder how long you a you fumed over the overseeing accidentally we're going to be a team that selfish and undisciplined blow sometimes good medical exactly it was it was prophetic of you i don't think it's what you intended but we have had fun with the sound bite there obviously not and you know i look at my time in chicago policies have been made up you proceed their way of thirdly it is good on a number of level but uh you know the prime there uh i think we'd be some things we can be proud of him certainly things that uh you know we can learn from and that's the way we will coach the along the way up and you can't look back and all you can do is one from both moments and four than actually done a marks a good luck with the rest of the season uh in the sierra leone thanks so much for taking at the time there you all the best you got feed off mark byebye you've sauce dan weekdays starting at ten eastern on espn radio i'm years pm you okay keep your eyes closed i want to show you my first ever painting all right okay open your eyes so that's a colors and shades sylviane us what do you think well i i like how if he's which to gaiko you could save hundreds of dollars on car insurance oh yeah that's that's true yeah here why don't i hold your paintbrush while you call them geico because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer the liberal tarred tiffin gundy looked like the guy at the gym who pisa out of the bottom of a short doom god's is that a wrong this is the liberal thirst show with this two god's only is pm radio espn radio presented by progressive insurance guest in the dan limits arch of appear via the shell pennzoil performance line now sports center update.

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