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All right, we're good. I give somebody a a Toxic Shock Syndrome and Regina one time off from riding the subway and then I finger blasted her. What do you mean? You touch the subway and then you finger them I mean it wasn't like I was doing it on purpose in order to like. Show or something it was just like I was on the subway I was holding onto like you know rods and such. You can't get toxic shock from that. Don I would never have said that too but she did start bleeding from China. Moment fingernails right after yes. Sure. Maybe fingernail scratching. She got period. Have you heard of that? I think she's familiar with the period. That's my first thought was pair. Well, my first thought that I want to mention was suv some sort of new. Sad. That would only semi Dick. Your finger nail cutter man that's all that happened. It's not toxic shock singer she went to the doctor and the doctor said, that's what it was. You know what you get that from what leaving Tampa. Yeah. That's the only thing I've ever heard. You can get that from. There's no me as walk in way dude you listen there's a possibility that I'm getting into memory. Wrong if not toxic stockton. But it was something that happened that it anyway the point is the wasn't se. And they're most worried about I. believe I mean like I'm always very conscious of touching the poll. I've had numerous women. They're like grabbing the pole in the subway, they want to touch my face. My hair. It's disgusting. Grab always subway. Yeah. It's not good. that. Sounds like a sex euphemism Louis used to be a favourite because I'm worried a little about the sound through your mask. You don't think it's good. I don't know I just like bring a close as what I was. GonNa say I guess not too close I. Think it's fine. Okay. You can hear me so you can hear me man, we're watching the dream last night. Rushing the game last night so I. Love You're trying to talk like a real dude. Runs the game. It's the second game I've ever. Solder was getting really upset about the commentators wearing masks who's mad about it. Kept saying he could tell they were talking through mass I couldn't tell but. It was really. It was like legitimate game. Why does he care? I don't know. That's why bring it up. It was like weird. It was shown not notice it was like. I was weird I just was I. I mean I don't know really bugged him now was he was his team losing part of it they will. which my? Hello. You're on a solo one. All right go slow. Smells. Smells that's only because I put it putting in my asshole. Because Dude in these covert times, it's so hard to find a bill. Cams. You know I don't want to say sell out but hey, crappy and ninety light children's Park. The. Can. Honestly. Not that long ago. Really. Yeah. I mean like definitely like late thirties. Oh. I think you know having just turned forty last year I. Think I'm all about wine and liquor now I can't fuck will be more. Wow. Maybe some beers sometimes it just like it feels everybody says. I said this to when I turned forty. Now here you are sitting on a park drink natty. Switch. You can't like. This like you are right about the Phillip thing that will never ever change ever again it's almost like, but it's like saying like I'll every McDonald's again. It's like you will. You don't know how McDonalds I rarely McDonalds but I'm just saying you. Never part of it is like. It seems to go with certain foods. You know what I mean like. Sometimes, John says. No. Is it down like I need a man. Like you drink a beer with like If I go to a restaurant, you would or maybe a Thai restaurant a Tiberius. Sometimes, it goes with the meal young people get in trouble with like this is my new rule forever it's not just means you should just limit. Yes. Exactly. Turning forty s what's switched me over to Piss beer like this. We went to Montauk me and him the people and it was like drank coors light all day and you get that level of just consistent buzz. And kinda hydrate you a little. It's pretty water. Why? It's called pills ner in the Czech Republic. Shit because there's a light beer, but it's still tastes good. You feel like you could drink those forever adviser. Original Budweiser he's A welcome to ours I. Thank everyone. I'm Marsha Fair today, I'm sitting with my good friends Julia Louis Cats. A non Jew I guess enemy. Really. Yeah. Joe Derosa. And I'm doing this so I can fulfil a sponsorship. I was. GonNa leave a dry this week everybody. So when I get this manscaping read, you can for real victim this podcast only. How you guys doing? I didn't even know that that that sponsorships could work like that. Where you have to get I don't understand like you had to just get an you had to get them on an APP or the you had to do a certain amount of weight like five weeks ago they bought October fifth as a fucking. Oh I see. Sure I'll get to it and then I just slacked. has happened before it's legit up before where I have lost. Or where I've lost Sponsors because I'm like, no, we said October fifth. Wow. Yeah. So I just want to play the game plus the first time manscaping. I mean also it's an excellent product do. I have one of their Electric Razors we'll do the reading a minute fucking serious I. Love It. You can use it in the shower and everything it's great for real. Yeah. Trim. Yeah I got a good pupil story to okay. Yeah. Well, Hey, I wanted to talk about how that Asian looked women just stared at us. Yeah. There's no racism Asian racism. Or do you think she was racist? Yeah. I. Think she just a podcast fan. No, she wasn't raised with microphone sitting in a park. Microphones. She was two feet away and stay. I'll be honest three and a half feet away it looks weird. Weird, but if I'm passing. And I see something I want to go. This is a great physical act out for this audio. Point then Cook. It is your good physical act out also maybe this isn't what you would launch into right after you about the new sponsor. Maybe give it a breath. That Weird looking like three people sitting with newscaster microphones on a bench. Yeah. But so those people glanced Asians will stare at whites like, what are you doing with? No thought that we're looking back she was nice. As Nice as they come she was. Like a Hasidic Person We asked directions and they go sorry. No. That is instead of the normal acidic with just look at you and then look away well happens. Yeah. That's the nicest you're gonNA find out there is acidic I. Don't know what it is some kind of place right over there yeah Seneca. CYNIC. Looks like a store. Okay. Yeah the first time I ever came down to this apartment the guy came out and he goes he goes. Are you Jewish and I go. And he goes. You just didn't say another word just kept walking. Almost, an invite or something. For. Sure I think you want to do for a million. Man Yeah Yeah I I if I had. To pray, they fucking got me, I was at these Iguazu falls you know these giant falls on a tour bus stopped at he was vol's my friend falls for it. They go the Jewish next thing my my friends putting on to fill in next the waterfall buses waiting for his dumb ass love camping they. Realize to films the box you put on your head to pray to tiny lands she glanced wait a box..

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