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Very well that industrial film it was one of the very first if not the first on sat with cameras and crew production I was ever involved in as a comedian with dreams of being an actor and although it was an industrial and maybe less thought of from an actor's standpoint I took it very seriously and I meant a lot it meant the world to me at the time at what you know the Peter Falk impression that has paid dividends one of which was becoming a regular couch gasping on the tonight show with Johnny Carson because I knew he loved Peter Falk so my first time on I did the M. you know I taught myself to cross just one night because Peter Falk was very open about having a class I remember reading and TV guide team he said if he played little league as a kid have a glass eye since age three and he slid into second the called amounting to god as I intended to imitate you clearly need this more than I could then after doing that for Carson my you know I think it was maybe a couple of months later I was a cost in the produce section a grocery store in Los Angeles by Peter Falk who is it would seem the appearance on The Tonight Show and has made how do you do that with your Hey and do you so I dictator fought a little too seriously and you know sometimes people come up and it is I you know you're Christopher Walken is the best I learned how to do Shatner from you so I never really know Jamie my better half and I she we've sort of developed a shorthand based on demographic of age and what not and he used to this person knows me from she's all that and that person's going to come up and say something about the usual suspects but since may his soul is the weirdest thing is if that's crossed every age every day you know ethnic group every part of the world I can never know every you know from people in their eighties two teenagers it's it's just mind blowing highly show has reached around the world so it it has dominated the last couple of years for sure it's really cool I want to mention we only have a couple of seconds literally left a will oppose this charity that Kevin's involved with and I think you were you have found the founder of the security cover now law enforcement emergency relief fund and it's a it's it's supports law enforcement first responders only like twenty seconds left I'm a give us give us your best ten seconds on that would you believe he's now fund dot org founded by Jeff Stein a medically retired police officer it is the first nationwide emergency relief fund for the men and women in law enforcement and we're starting a new branch that will look after covert now nineteen officers and families that are constructed out by suicide rates three times those officers killed in the line of duty were looking after those we love you thanks Kevin Pollack will post racial report corona virus update I'm Christopher Cruz gets another shock to the country's economy five point two million workers filed for their first week of unemployment benefits last week never in history since the labor department started tracking this figure in nineteen sixty seven have jobless claims grown so high and so fast for comparison during the Great Recession it took two years for eight point six million Americans to lose their jobs respondent Steve casted bomb in New York housing starts in March dropped twenty two point three percent from February construction of single family houses fell seventeen point five percent apartment and condo starts were off thirty two percent it was also was six point eight percent drop in permits to begin construction in March president trump expected to announce an easing of restrictions in some areas of the country where there has been a low transmission of the corona virus expected later this.

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