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To invest were there and he was off to the races he borrowers newspapers in his thirties when he was in australia and then he dismantles to expand came to america i bought a of stuff over here originally newspapers and then either media assets spot a lot of stuff in england in you europe as so he's become a fabulously wealthy man and his family his fabulously wealthy and they've been very quiet however you know this these lists everywhere visas he's the richest man in the world and over years warren buffett and then over there there is a bill gates in than those mrs or what you're saying it would enable them walmart it all these people murdoch's right up in there but he keeps it to himself here's want everybody to know his business and complex wives he's trying to hide out from the rallies he's got a new unease got jerry hall dini eighty mary her didn't yeah it's maybe like six months ago so this will be the last marriage for her her first was to make right was chiefly enters the mick jagger in those first time around imagine that going from mick jagger to rupert murdoch aghazade jerry can attract the guys with the money yes well i don't know of mick ahead agassi was as waving money which she hung around why they use when he married her he was already well he was he was already he was loan enrolling in it yeah i think he wouldn't his very friendly very funny his first marriage was bianca jagger right wasn't that in the early seventies or something i don't i don't know that he had as much money back then but by the time nouri haul came around yes he started dating him when he was already married of harry as she was early na she was early but they didn't actually get married until 1990 so he had all he atenza i then yeah so murdoch is '86 yesterday it was announced that the walt disney company was going to pay murdoch's news corporation fifty two billion dollars to buy his movie assets now there are other things in his media and entertainment business and he selling off wide swath serve them because he's eighty six he knows no no last forever does he and his.

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