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He definitely can run, right? So we checked that box. That's not the problem. So now the question is, can you fix the technique? Can you get them to be CRISPR and more efficient while he goes through the breakpoint? I think the Patriots can get them there. I think that he's worth it. I think the other thing I really liked about him is that he's an alpha. That's a guy that doesn't back down. He went up against Jameson Williams. He went up against treylon Burks. He went up against all these dogs in the SEC, right? Like all these great wide receivers. And he never backed down from anybody. And he was ready to go and all those matchups. And he won some. Day won some, you know, it was really something to really be impressed by was how he rose to the occasion and really came up and stepped up to the challenge. So that was something that I liked about him as well, because if you're going to play corner in the NFL, you're going to get beat a lot. So you're going to have to have that short memory and you're going to have to have that confidence. Yeah, it's set up for you to get beat. Like if you're a corner, the whole game is designed for you to lose. Right, so yeah. Yeah. Can we get to the late round corners though? Because that was the highlight of the combat. Yeah, I mean, I want to say one thing really quickly. Okay. I don't want them to draft anybody from the PAC 12. It.

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