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We'll see as we said like with cova. There are some great unknowns. Here all it takes an injury or two in the first half of the season and before you know it Guys are getting bumped up that depth chart so not ruling it out but if all things are equal everybody's healthy know my pat down earlier. I i he's in he's on the longlist for sure. I doubt he makes the final grade. This is jamal from north van. Is this tell me. I'm wrong being the nhl. We'll have a spotlight. Being the only major north american sport being represented in beijing and giving their shortcomings on dealings of social justice issues in the past we can fully expect the nhl to drop the ball with their stance or statement on the issues of genocide of the or muslims. In china yeah. I don't think jamal hockey will be the sports. And the group of athletes to take up that mantle. What i will say. 'cause we see at a lot in our inbox. Is that the discussion around a potential boycott of these games is real and i suspect it will get to a level where official will have to respond to it before. Canada sends a team and the other thing of course so much could happen in geopolitics between now and february with china and the west. Sure that's at the ceo level the federal government level. I don't see connor mcdavid stepping up here and rejecting when emmy he'll be one of the three that's named next friday. Yeah we ostby. Maybe mckinnon will be your yeah connor taking his jersey and handing it back saying i won't go because of these reasons they they're hockey players and maybe we should expect more out of them at the end of that either hockey players. They wanna play best on best tournament. And that's going to take place in beijing so i don't think you're going to hear much from the guys that are wrapping the team itself. I got one from jacob here. Yes i see it. Good one go now that the schedule is set. And we've spent enough time talking with the schedule. Yeah well it is scheduled. They're going with the original now. The schedule set march. Fifteenth at rogers arena will be a family reunion night for the hughes brothers with all three playing and luke hughes making his. Nfl debut.

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