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Eric Merola, Michael Jordan, Bitcoin discussed on Elite Man Podcast


Hey guys you're listening to the most captivating podcast and i tunes that's right the elite men podcast return average men into a elite men every day we know with the very best experts from the lifestyle health fitness social and even entrepreneurial worlds and with their help we give you some of the best advice on the planet subscribe now if you haven't already and enjoy the show henault yeah if you really enjoy it leave us a review on today's episode episode number one hundred fifty two entitled how to invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies everything you need to know to start today i chat with eric merola and michael jordan debt eric merola is an international awardwinning documentary filmmaker and michael jordan that is a tech speaker and cryptocurrency expert in today's episode both eric and george debt as he prefers to be called discuss everything you need to know regarding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies they start from grounds zero with explaining bitcoin including what it is how it works how it started how you can still make a ton of money from it and what the future holds for it eric enjoyed it also cover block chain fantastic resources for learning more about crypto investing how and where to get started with buying at digital currencies and the many other cryptocurrencies like a theory m a alight coin and ripple to potentially invest in if you're wondering what bitcoin is all about why everyone is talking about it how it works y digital currencies are literally changing the world and how you can get started in investing and cryptocurrencies today check this episode out now you're going to love it look whether it's bitcoin or another cryptocurrency digital currencies other future i truly believe were at the beginning of a revolution in terms of how we use send and distribute money cryptocurrency is like the internet back in 1994 nobody quite knows where it's heading or what it is truly capable of but it's going to be a gamechanger in the upcoming years get in now before.

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