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Up the free. Promo code. Thank got it. Good. Five forty five right now. It's my turn Brian combs in here. All right. So the anti pot police are rounding up the CBD oil. Apparently, the state of Ohio has informed local health departments start cracking down on anyone who sells CBD oil and other types of marijuana. Don't have any narcotic effect, but do violate the new laws in terms of dispensing medical marijuana. Lease. According to the Ohio department of agriculture since I health department has started making the rounds and hitting spots that sell the CBD oil telling them, if they don't pull it from their shelves mmediately, and that they risk losing all of their product that it's legal to sell it in the state of Ohio, and that they will be back in making sure that it's not on the shelves at places like standard, Findlay market. The choirs says deans Mediterranean imports has been. Selling it there? There's a number of other places around town that has been doing the same thing and the Ohio board of pharmacy has made it very clear that that they believe comes under the umbrella of the CBD or the marijuana products that will be dispensed straighten that out same state house. That's I guess you'd have to go back and change the law that the ones that that this type would be exempt from it. I know you can buy it. Online order at that way. Willy's used it. I've tried it. Didn't do a whole lot for my arthritis in my hands. But I know some people swear by it they say that it has some great anti inflammatory effects without any kind of effects of making. Sure, okay. Coming up on our news at six o'clock, president delivers the state of the union tonight to congress. The big question is what steps is he going to take the maybe go his own way to build a wall at the border, and we'll have details at six on NewsRadio of wwl w at least it didn't just outright confiscated. The gave you a chance. Maybe somebody else we want to. Yeah. Okay. Five forty seven right now and following the Super Bowl loss. Andrew Whitworth had a comment that kind of stood out to people, and they said, well, what what what what his comment on the the loss for the Rams was at the end of the day. You're all going to die. People. So what in the world did you mean by that? You're all going to die. They wanted to know more. So what worth elaborated explaining there's more to life than the Rams thirteen to three loss in the Super Bowl said, he I don't give a crap if you have a hall of fame bust, if you've been a pro bowler or one twenty Super Bowls who you are how you carry yourself where the pout and feel sorry for yourself is the only thing that's going to matter because that's what people are gonna remember about you. So he just finished a second season with the Rams as we know added that being remembered him means the guy seamy hold my head high. They see me confident in them loving them and their for them. Anyway, I can be moving forward. In the understands what playing in the Super Bowl? His first thirteen seasons means and he will quote cherish the crap out of it. If you think about it. That's the sentiment there for a Valentine's Day card baby I cherish the crap out of you, you think or maybe not it's coming up on five forty nine forty nine. There'll be Tom rivers in London here in a bit. I think in Egypt. They found a bunch of mummies, and that's made the news. What kind of are? They will find out when we talked to Tom rivers and just a few eleven away from six o'clock in the morning again, your traffic headache, cutting the hill coming into town northbound shut down right now a wreck involving a semi..

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