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Interchange and an accident now reported. Outbound Stevenson right before Route 83. We have stop and go traffic from County Line Road, the forecast from the WC and Chicago Weather Center. Here's Wdtn. Meteorologist Mike Chance and Showers and thunderstorms are likely here tonight under mainly cloud these guys Similares. Thunderstorms could bring gusty winds and heavy rainfall is temperatures drop it in the mid upper seventies. Scattered shower and thunderstorm potential Lakers to our Sunday morning look for decreasing clouds in the afternoon. Still human with highs in the upper eighties, mostly clear on Sunday night lows in the upper sixties, then Cause increased throughout the day on Monday, there is a chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon highs in the low to mid eighties to start out the work week. Mostly cloudy on Tuesday a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms with highs in the lower eighties. Partly sunny and human on Wednesday a chance for widely scattered showers and storms and highs. In the mid to upper eighties not as warm here on Thursday partly cloudy with highs and loaded mid eighties and there is a slight chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm. We start to turn up the humidity and the heat Friday and Saturday Partly cloudy both days. Both days do carry a slight chance for a few showers or thunderstorms, with highs making their way into the upper eighties, too near 90 degrees. I'm the Wdm Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Mike Jansen Save Illinois reporting more than 1200 new Corona virus cases 24 hour period from Friday afternoon to Saturday, along with 18 additional deaths. 17 more Indiana.

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