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Urologist. Michael Sania, just a cold dry. It's going to be cold Andrey around the tri-state area or early this morning. Vicky under partly to mostly cloudy skies can't rule out a snow flurry in one or two spots. But most of the area, we'll be dry overnight. Low twenty nine degrees in central park for later today with a mix of clouds and sunshine, high of forty four Thursday night, partly to mostly cloudy, low thirty nine then for Friday, mostly cloudy and milder, we'll have some rain showers around especially in the afternoon. High fifty five Saturday, cloudy and colder with some snow or flurries possible in the afternoon, high near forty remaining cloudy and cold Sunday with a chance for snow late in the day or at night, high thirty-seven a chilly day on Monday with some sunshine and high thirty nine currently Vicky. We have partly to mostly cloudy skies thirty four in central park down to low twenty nine early this morning. The Justice department will investigate freezing conditions during several days of a power outage at Brooklyn's federal lockup. I couldn't believe that. Ditch was happening in America congresswoman Nydia Velazquez says what inmates went through at the metropolitan detention center last month is a violation of human rights temperatures in some cells in the jail plummeted because of a faulty boiler as temperatures outside struggled to reach the teens in New York City. We took a thermometer to measure the temperature somewhere else where. Fifty nine degrees like seventy.

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