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Free, but that wasn't tied up very well, but whatever, you know, and then and then you see this final montage. And I kind I, I liked that loss. Lost montage of SANZAR becoming the Queen north aria going off on the ship on the ventures. And then Jon snow kind of going to the nights. You know, watch and meeting up with Toleman toand. And then they what's weird. So he was going to the castle black. But then he basically just leaves and goes with the wild things he goes with torment into the wild with, you know, with ghosts which we'll talk about. But he, he basically just leaves with the wild things. Yeah, I didn't quite get there either. But they watched the gate close and I don't know. Maybe they know they're on the other side. And he's leaving with all of the wildland. Right. But doesn't that was a bit ultimate, let me correct me if I'm wrong. But in earlier seasons at the night's watch don't they let people like in and out and through inside the whole, I don't totally know. And also I thought the night king down the wall. So I've got to admit that was a bit compatible down. Most of the whole, maybe this is he didn't bring down. I didn't know but then why it was a bit confused. It It was was horrible. hard. But I liked that he didn't just stay at the costal black, also there's nothing really to protect anymore, right. You don't really know that because white walkers will come thousands of years, and then they came back. But to me, it made sense that he you know, went with toll Monday and the Wild Wings because they were his friends. They respected him. He could start anew. He could find a, a woman. He could shag have a family. I mean that made sense. And then, of course, what people were bitching about so much in, like episode four or whatever was how he just left home on, and he gave ghost his dial two months, people were going nuts over that. And now we know why because they obviously knew what was going to happen to John snow, and we get that reunion him and goes, which was beautiful. I loved the and it's the first time you see him smile like he's sure not to be with his dia wolf, no judgment. I thought that was beautiful. Again, it was very tragic. It was very bitter. Sweet and was I- Bologne away. No episode. Three is the only episode that blew me away. But I was satisfied a great. Yeah. It didn't give you that feeling of like the battle of the Boston's that third episode, etc. Hillary how, but I was happy. And relieved when it was very character driven. Finale was. Yeah. You know, it was quite bittersweet quite slow the women's ribbons on everything really that really happens. The only big event is him killing dinars. Yeah. You know, the rest is just wrapping everything up. But it was satisfying, you know, relied like I agree. That's how I felt and I was glad you felt that way when I saw your initial post, I was like, yeah. I, I hope Tony's not one on the ones that hates it. Well, a lot of people say, well, you love everything, I'm like, no, I don't know. It's not. You want to talk about fate in the furious. You know, transformers I mean, there's a lot of things fifty shades of grey. A lot of the things I can crap all over, or even a claimed movies like a rival things like that. I mean that's things. I don't like. But a everyone has a right to their opinion. Certainly, I don't get that people hate it so much. But I also feel sad for the true fans who. Loved the show so much who now just think it's the biggest piece of shit because I think that's true. I'm what's the point of being a fan of something? If if it's just ruined you. Yeah. Maybe try and look at it through a different lens. And nobody does the truth is even with this. Finale game of thrones is a monumental.

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