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In northern Maryland near the Delaware line dealing with a tragedy. The Cecil county sheriff's office says the bodies of three children in an adult man and a woman were found inside a house in Elk mills early today that community is about an hour's drive northeast of Baltimore. Spokesperson for the sheriff's office says the children and adults were shot to death. Deputies found the dead man inside a detached garage and the woman and children in a different parts of the house, a gun was found near that man's body. The children were between, well, I should say they were in the 5th through the 8th grade. And we'll have more details as they become clear to us here on WTO. A D.C. man appeared in court today in connection to the death of the mother of his infant son. She faced charges of leaving the child's remains in the trash when she was killed. Carl B Jones pleaded guilty in D.C. superior court to the stabbing death of 39 year old ladonia Boggs, the mother of his two month old son, according to D.C. prosecutors, Jones went to boxes apartment in April and the two argued over the death of their son who died nearly a year before. At the time of her death, Boggs was facing charges of tampering with evidence for putting the baby's remains in the trash after the infant died. Jones pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and a weapons charge in Boggs killing and could be sentenced to up to 9 years in prison. Kate Ryan, WTO penis. 6 42, the healing power of music is on vivid display in our area. Music producer and recording engineer Jim ebert is a 22 year brain cancer survivor. He's also the founder of cancer Ken rock. We take musicians with fairly aggressive cancers, bring them in. And we record a song in a video for their family and friends. So they have something forever. The families will always have the recordings and the musicians get the distraction of trying to perfect a song in the studio. You know, I'm just trying to give one good day to people that are having a crappy life at the time. The noble fall music fest on September 24th is a fundraiser for cancer can rock. Neolog can stain double you TLP news. Arthur Ashe court will be the place to be in New York tonight as Hyatt's ville's Francis TFO takes to the court in his bid to become the first American to win the U.S. open. American man to win the U.S. open in a long, long time. We'll check in with Frank hanrahan

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