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Anthony Weiner is out of jail halfway house or something holding. I don't know what it is. Just a picture of him on TV. Ten to one. It gets himself in trouble again, just a dirt bag. I'm not so sure you can remove the he went into jail what November twenty seventeen so he's been in a year and a half or whatever it's been. So I'm not so sure you can. Uh? Remove dirt bag in a year and a half in jail. So anyway, Jimmy cracked corn. I don't care. Some happened to me yesterday that. You ever catch yourself in life? And you almost have to say, what are you doing? You almost have to reprimand yourself. You almost have to make yourself. Go sit in a corner. I found myself rooting for. Kyle Busch at the end of the Daytona five hundred yesterday. I can remember where there was a time. When I had such disdain for Kyle Busch. Couldn't hardly stand. It. Didn't like the way he treated Dale, jR, attitude. It's still hates CNN interviews with him. When he loses. But for some reason or another since Danny had already one one I just kind of found myself rooting for Kyle yesterday to win a Daytona five hundred. Then I sat there and said to myself, what are you doing? Denny Hamlin wanted yesterday JD Gibbs passed away. Joe Gibbs son j d Gibbs number when he played college football and raised earlier in his life was number eleven. And didn't he Hamlin's car number is number eleven JD Gibbs kind of discovered the way the story goes Denny Hamlin up in hickory or Winston, Salem or someplace like that. And hickory Motor Speedway. Excuse me. And. Just a lot of stuff going on there yesterday. And the fact that JD Gibbs has just passed away. It just they honored him on a lap. Number eleven all the JAGER. Pit crew. Members went and stood near the wall on pit road. And it was just a business one of those storybook endings that was very cool. And and I got nothing against any Hamlin. So Daytona five hundred yesterday. One of the problems. I don't know how you would rectify that. But one of the problems NASCAR. Is that when you get to the end of the race? When you keep on having wrecks. And then you have to park the cars for ten and fifteen minutes. That doesn't help. If all the sudden, you're down to the last three seconds of a basketball game. And the team that's going to get the ball is one point behind. If you make him sit there for ten or fifteen minutes while you figure out exactly how you're going to inbound the ball. People are going to bail. And if you do that a couple of times, I mean, it took them forty minutes to finish the last few laps of the race. And it happens all the time. So I don't know. Like, I say, I don't really know what you do about that. You can't tell guys don't be aggressive. If you're not in the hunt. Don't be aggressive. But I mean, it just doesn't you just don't get to the crescendo of that thing. And then have somebody have to go look for their oboe. So. Nascar. There was an article in the USA today. Nascar has a problems in the drivers aren't sure about how to fix it. And it talked about divers that have retired. And and if you think about the old guard that's gone out. And this that and the other, but I don't know. I don't know if I'm a Representative of all of this or not, but. Sports sometimes have to re invent themselves. Football goes from offensive to defensive dominance, and they'll tweak the rules. So that you'll end up with more offense. Or whatever the case may be and in basketball it occurred to me over the weekend basketball has very much reinvented itself. They don't give a damn about me. They're not looking for a forty five plus white audience. They're going after millennials. My kids are millennials? My kids grew up listening to rap and and so they weren't listening to rock radio stations. They were listening to PG in place in stations like that. That's exactly what you just experienced in the NBA weekend or the weekend. I read a review today about the halftime show yesterday. J Cole got local ties, right? That was the most horrendous halftime show, in my opinion I've ever seen.

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