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It's very sort of sexy and romantic. Scott term. rose narrowly some interesting synthetics. Because that's one of the things that was very interesting to me. Coming from the roma therapy background is to realize just how enormously important synthetics in modern femara and it's got some really lovely deeper notes like sandalwood which is a favorite of mine and a letter which is a good example of a synthetic because oversee. You know trying to get from leather. Wouldn't be much fun. You talk about sent being being very layered and your book sent also is very lead. It's very nuanced and well. It's it's really. It's really a sort of coming of age story. I wondered if you could expand on that. And just just tell us a little bit more about the novel the first person narrator centers the forty six year old michael kimmel teen whose having to face up to the almost inevitable end of her marriage long marriage to at well. He's a very successful businessman. And the trip for this Not uncommon is the lost child leaving home. And so she's in a state of you know kind of big turbulence already. And that's when her ex girlfriend from many many years before down in the south of france where she comes from just pops back in her life completely unexpectedly so i wanted to kind of really tap into with this novel was the this time of immense. You know turbulence and change that women do go through in the middle decades of our lives which despite the kind of Fat the biggest buyers meters of fiction all women over forty eight doesn't get to represented in fiction as often as i think should not and also was on a bit of a personal mission to kind of counter some of the stereotypes about you know quotation marks older the women many of which i simply don't recognize that was way more to it. I mean shakespeare competitive old age to a second childhood..

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