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Address would be battle creek an hour i would like stare at the stare at the cereal boxes when i had breakfast and there wasn't much too reid on them zero is seeing the name battle with the event there is always a like a a come on on the boxes were at like if he wrote to the icc dress in battle creek you'd get a free something or another you know right a souvenir of the cereal and so it would all lead back to battle creek and i had no no idea what that wajed what mantle it sound like a really interesting name battle yeah who knows who knew what kind of battles went on there and help reduce the theory of and since you live close to battle creek and actually took school trips there was at a mythical place in your mind you saw the reality of it well 1966 it was because cereal city was in full operation so the'real city is that letter lescot yeah that's what they call the cereals did and it it you know if you were a michigan is i i was a you took too big field trips one was the ford motor company in dearborn michigan which also had a mythical uh uh sensibility too many children up but you took a trip to battle creek so you went into this factory which was pristine and everyone was wearing white and there was stainless steel device is all chugging in moving and doing stuff and there were these conveyor belts serve literally there were five miles of conveyor belts in the factory that went all the way from the granary where they took raw corn uh or wheat or what have you and you follow this path with the uh too noor guide all the way to the boxing room where you had fresh boxes of cornflakes or sugar frosted flakes or what have you and the smell was overpowering i still remember that smell of toasted corn and uh then they gave you a fresh box and that fresh box with the best box of cereal i've ever go ahead and to some extent i'm still searching for that wonderful fresh box well howard marquel thank you so much for talking with us we'll think so much terry it's just been thrilling to have the opportunity to speak with you today dr howard marquel as the author of the new book.

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