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The new england honda dealers enjoy a road trip this fall in a new honda we'll susan collins of maine may have killed republican hopes to repeal and replace obamacare when she said she vote against the graham cassidy bill she's the fourth republican senator to oppose the bill in its current form more than enough to kill it president trump is taking out his frustration on senator john mccain who also opposes the bill in a phone call to a radio show in alabama yesterday trump blamed mccain for the failure of an earlier gop bill in july that's the only reason we don't have it because of john mccain nobody thought he was a negative vote we bring in the wbc virtual political roundtable now in the thoughts from republican gene hard again and democrat marianne marsh genius first spending time beating up on senator mccain is arco accomplish anything air and uh there was some feelers put out to the opposition to the democratic side uh to make some adjustments and uh i think everyone has a of the consensus that the current plan is not work as well as should america is looking to pursue leadership and so far the president has shown at a list birth loved donald trump attack on john mccain whether it goes back to the campaign i and talking about the fact that he would captured an appeal w for five years hick attack to him about healthcare today at john mccain at them the fight of it light shows once again how petty and pedophile donald trump is but did fight is not over you have the republican who hey they won't vote against it but only two of them can you trust to keep their word john mccain and even cohen you cannot trust ron rand paul you keep it word that he won't be he that he wouldn't at time in any voted for it the one person who need the way in and they know here you can't trash and that will deny i hope you're getting that repealed again by the republic and if we can work out eight merck healthy comes out toshiba opposed to it it is dead that was the wbz virtual political roundtable meanwhile the controversy over the national anthem continues in arizona last night fans booed when the entire dallas.

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