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He are well thought of intellect urgied known for writing garbage well a lot of the white house reporters or or i should even say established you now season reporters have been around for a long time say that he's a ha you know kind of a hypocrite that he he kind of uh was one of them until he was a turncoat going against them in supporting donald trump so that he could slip his way into the white house and gain access he started attacking his fellow journalists and writers for meanspirited coverage against the president unfair press coverage and of course that titillates donald trump and so that's how he kind of gained access to to be able to write this book and to be able to hang out in the white house in the early days and but now we're seeing i mean i'm looking on twitter a lot of these people are verifying his claims and he claims that he has what like 1200 hours of tapes or something that that document all of these things he puts in the book i event and again what are we really learning to frugal you know the you know what i mean of the room the ban of trump to boggle where to what they're sort of saying about each other uh because there anything else were really lorry that we really didn't cut already know ma i can tell you this ivanka trump has unfolded steve bannon uh caps it was because he held her a dumb brek a doctor did he's a dumb as a bit of a brigham brick now now that's of fish she's not those unfair to her she had a spelling problem doctor is a truth you read her tweet no yeah interesting renault cheese what actually doing them but i mean i must bella here and there too but it if i was wrong a truck i would have some one deal tetracycline the tweet than yet magno the dr the president that's interesting are is she did she go to borden graduate school of that the truth she do like donald trump just award underground your claim visits the cream look i think he is the smartest he us hands down here but he.

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