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Treatment the long, it'll take to recover from the ordeal of having cancer. I've known some people to be pancreatic cancer, even very cancer. But it has to hit day one. Thinkers covered by the BBC show BBC show that the number of hospital trust leaving fifteen percent of where people waiting to longest tripled since two thousand fourteen five years ago, they said just thirty six trusts were missing. The sixty two day target any England has a whole vantage to treat seventy nine point four percent of people in two months. Of their urgent referral. So if you have a melanoma, do you want to wait two months? Thirty thousand people had to wait longer. Now they said, there's wide variation among different parts of the country. They say the worst performance invade stone Tunbridge Wells and trusting Kent over sixty percent of people had to wait sixty days. I mean sixty percent. Got treatment within sixty days. We ended about forty percent. Did it had to wait longer? When it comes to cancer, the second, we find that you have to assume you're already too late, and you need to jump on it. Now, some cancer is slow growing some fiber cancers this little, some prostate cancers are slow going, the aggressive cancers chaotic, we can't always predict there are certain biomarkers and things we can do to determine. So, you know, if you have more aggressive sort of breast cancer, or not. But NHS is a government run healthcare system in England. Who takes care of as many patients as we have on Medicaid. I think they have about sixty million people in the UK we have about seventy million people on Medicaid. They're in trouble. And they have what a, a fifth of the amount of people that we do. And if they can't get it, right. What makes us think that we can't? And I don't know what percentage of people pay taxes in England. My guesses. They. Probably are a lot more strict. About, you know, collecting taxes and making sure that, you know, everybody pays supposed to pay with us. I'm here in the figure that only half of our, you know, citizens pay half of the people living here, pay their income tax. What has to the IRS? So the Democrats don't worry, we got this, because the rich are going to help pay for it. It's very interesting. I'm looking right now to CNBC article they're saying millionaires say the more likely to vote for Joe Biden over Trump in two thousand twenty now here's the problem. I see anything in the media, you almost wonder if it's the opposite because they're trying to change things. Remember they kept saying Hillary's lead Hilary's gonna smash the electoral college, you know, and maybe they did that because they were worried that the opposite was true, but they save American millionaires gonna elect Joe Biden over Trump Donald Trump. I don't know if I believe that. CNBC millionaire survey asked millionaires. They would choose for president. If Trump runs gives varies opponents two thousand twenty. Biden, and I'm sorry, miss pronounce his name Pete, gig or gig. Sorry are the only democratic nominees. They say who beat Trump among the top democratic candidates, and a head-to-head rates. Fully fifty three percent of millionaire respondents said they would vote for Biden compared to thirty nine percent for Trump nine percent undecided. Against central pretty Sanders. Trump wins forty six percents of forty with millionaires. Trump beats, comma Harris among millionaires forty five forty two percent and beat sender's, Elizabeth Warren. Forty-seven percents forty. Now, they say millionaire voters are not reliable predictors of election results. They said millionaires backed former secretary of state Hillary Clinton by a comfortable margin did matter. They say, but being favored by millionaires could be a negative for democratic candidates who are running a populist anti while platforms. They say Biden is already being attacked by opponents for being too cozy with wealthy donors corporate lobbyist, see this is why I don't run for office. You can't run for office under own money, Trump luckily was able to in the beginning of his campaign, I think throughout most of it. I can't afford to do that. I'm gonna need donations if I run for office. And if somebody's going to give you money they're not going to give you money just because they love you. Oh, I love show. No, no, no, no, no. They're going to want something. They're going to vote for me. That they get something. You know, we try to think that our, our electoral system. And you know our. Election system is so, you know, pristine and you know innocent, but, you know, people put you into office they're going to want something. Just his case. And if you did it help them. With you. Logical. They're busy. They have to help somebody people. Why are they gonna help somebody that didn't vote for him? I get that. But it is tit for tat. So then people always ask, why is Hollywood. Why are millionaires supporting them getting tax and tax debts? The so the answer we always get as well. They have so much money that they don't care, if they have to give an extra million or to the wealthy, don't care. I don't know if it's that. I think people like Trump and, you know, and all the rich people out there visas, and was a Burgh. I think every million count to them. I think they do. And I think it's strategy. And so if they want an in with the candidate. They might be linking to what? If I'm gonna get hit. I might as well. Get some pictures you might as well. Look like we're buddies were close. I want to be on the winning side. And so, I think very, very wealthy person. Just sides to vote for them getting text beginning. I think they think because it does invite help they're better bottom line somehow either through PR, either through whatever. Either they have easier access because, well, you know, they supported, you know Hillary. So then maybe Hillary will help them out with z. But don't think that somebody wealthy doesn't care about the money and they're like, okay. Now, also, some of them may be really diehard liberal. They may be like, really love.

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