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But it won't last for long. We're back into the seventies with more clouds and cooler conditions this weekend in the coma Weather Center I'm meteorologist Kristen Clark, currently 65 in downtown Seattle, still overcast skies at 9 35 We continue with our top stories from the Coma, 24 7 News center. While Corona virus cases here continued about there is encouraging news from the state health, the prophet about the numbers of cases, hospitalizations and deaths. State epidemiologist Dr Kathy Wasserman talked with comas. Keith Eldridge, We're hoping that that plateau oing does continue into a decline. But the issue is that we've had a lengthening in the lab in reporting, so we don't know if that plateau ing is really a lag in reporting, or is it Ooh, Platt towing and then hopefully we're bending that curve back down. So what's the word for people, though that might say that is good news. So wait are, I would say, guardedly optimistic. We need to continue to mask up and keep that social distance. We remain in really good shape in Washington state for hospital capacity. I'm very pleased to say, I think The citizens of the state have been doing a good job of masking and staying distant from each other. And we have not seen the big surge like we're seeing in other states. Once again, that's Ah Kasi sour at the end there with the Washington State Hospital Association in that conversation. For the first time ever. Jeff Bezos, testifying before Congress, the Amazon founder and chief executive, facing questions tomorrow from the House, and he trust committee. They're probing the power of the world's largest tech companies. Appearing with Bezos will be the chief executives of Apple, Facebook and Google Parents alphabet. An elected official making an impassioned plea for First Amendment rights, as she opposes turning over media footage to the police. The update from Kemal's Corwin Take. Seattle City Council member Theresa Mosqueda is demanding that Seattle police stop seeking unpublished media images of black lives matter. Protestors I can get his abhorrence that our city continues. To push for members of the press to hand over video and photos of people participating in their First Amendment rights. Last week, a King County Superior Court judge ordered several media outlets including co Moh news to comply with the subpoena and hand over unaired images from a May 30th. Black lives matter Protest. Mosqueda says journalists must remain separate from the government they cover. They're not actors of the government. They are not there on behalf of the police, and we're going to put at risk the lives of journalists. If we continue to go down this avenue police hope the unpublished images will help them identify suspects who burned a police vehicle and stole police guns. Corwin hey HQ. Momo NEWS. The L. You not happy with the way Seattle police handle this past weekend's protest in an online town hall with Seattle Mayor Jenny darkened First question was about Officer response to chaos this weekend. With this demonstration clear that became a riot Nspd had to step in and engage the crowd and try to regain control. The value of Washington is asking a federal court to hold SPD in contempt for using pepper spray blast balls and other crowd control tools. They say they violate a court order barring the indiscriminate use of less lethal weapons. But a separate court ruling by a federal judge recently put a 14 day hold on that order passed by the City Council. In a statement, Mayor Jerkins office said she finds allegations of targeting a retaliation of reporters or legal observers deeply troubling and chilling. And she's best under no circumstances will tolerate those actions by officers. That's cool. Mosley stole a sports update 60 seconds away. Come on. Whose time? 9 39 meet Ingrid, Fiery spirit carrying Grandma proud trucker a lot more than four million miles. In my truth. If people knew what I know lives could be saying I was driving outside of Ohio.

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