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Won't will never watch. So bob clark movie with dom deluise man loose cannons. Looks really bad bob clark that yes what i sell. I haven't like wish you could see the look on my face. I'm confused and angry. shit. I wanna say. That was one that. I saw a theater to that little small theater. Taloqan think i've ever seen that stayed away. Yeah you should honky tonk man. Susan peretz was in honky. Tonk may as miss maud then. That is definitely not who i'm thinking of. We get a picture of her from that is not so recent. did we ever look at honky tonk. Man that's clint eastwood. Yeah clark we just talked about matt clarke today. Barry corbin yet. Tim thomason tim thomason tracy walters down at the bottom gary grubbs. He's that guy in the oliver stone. Jfk he's one of the eh. Looks weirdly like one of the kennedy's yes he does. Get that smile. Tracey walter plays second pooch today. A second pooch remers jerry. Hardin plays snuffy. That's i think this is loosely based on a country guy like george jones or like a sure. Bet there's something like trivia on this year there is said. Clint eastwood played his guitar work and performed his own vocals for the movie. Sondra locke with kyle eastwood acting coach for the smoke. He just stood there. We've really on her on this podcast. And i don't know if that is warranted. I'm still going to laugh. It doesn't matter. I'm i'm we so make fun of everybody. So our girls susan peretz. She was in a movie. I got lost. God you devil yet is eighteen. Eighty four george burns was like a household name for for sure. He lived to be one hundred. He made a resurgence in his nineties. And i don't know how he lived so long a cigars. I guess he lived on cigar. That was the joke you know. That was like his stick is that he's literally ancient. Yaojie was and that's oh god you devil. He played both god and the devil rancher. Yeah you see ron. Silver is not at that weird had saw runs. Can't not look at them. Since we just brought up ron silver i gotta get a hold of somebody at imdb. It'd be like. Did you know that the silvers have show so again. We literally go anywhere. Do you know that there is someone credited as vomit creature in poltergeist too. I don't remember it like crawling around. i guess. Did you also know that they use like hr gaiger designs to make that. That tequila worm monster. Did they awesome. I never want to see coach like that. Again and vomiting up this big giant worm bizarre. I started looking at eugene roach..

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