Steelers, Miami, Clemson discussed on The Box Seat Boys Podcast - Episode 5- Drafting a Franchise QB When You Arent a Real Franchise


Would he be that good on the steelers no because his big bed in the patriots makes on these guy i think they can make me halfdecent guy julia new shifty white guy i mean what are your that's what they look for some some guys for who are looking to see the first guy is a quarterback brad kaya yeah so i read a scouting report everyone you know is up in arms they said you know he has the chance to be really good has still pretty good mechanics mobility pocket presence are his biggest flaws will here's the thing if you watched miami even have a pocket he didn't have time to be mobile you know what i mean let's true admit had no offensive plein so and he's playing against clemson in florida state who have like the fastest defence of guys all he has to do is learn pocket presence with a halfway decent wine he doesn't need to be very mobile was peyton manning mobile tom brady's for sure not mobile they have long presence that's only needs is he needs to have a little bit of time yet no no quarterback is going to throw under pressure while those quarterback center better than others rogers does big benz not bad just because he's like a hundred pounds it seems like you can't take the dude down yes there is good is like knees in late at i'll be the first person to say if tom brady gets breathe down he's gonna throw the ball away behobia so i don't know lie were criticised in this kid for his pocket present like yeah okay first of all he's going to have to learn to read blitz packages and everything like that but that's gonna come in time.

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