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Today full hour from 2 to 3 on DVD, the world We've been living in this corona virus economy for more than seven months now, and we've kind of lost a way of life, which means a lot of us in one way or another are doing that thing You do when you lose something going through the stages of grief and I've been depressed. I have quit one of my job. Rizal living in the Corona economy. Next time on marketplace. Join us for more today. With MARKETPLACE Kyra Stall at four and again at 6:30 P.m. America has voted will bring you the latest results in election 2020 and oral arguments at the Supreme Court that anti discrimination laws against religious rites I can't foster or adopt through an agency has a shared belief, a case that could help redefine religious liberty precedents this afternoon. On all things considered from NPR News. Join us today. Starting at 4 34 32 6 30. It's a return of marketplace at 6 30. Then it's 7 P.m. this evening. Fresh air returns next fresh air how our electoral system has been holding up after the polls closed. We talked with Barton Gellman, whose article The election that could break America is about how the pandemic a deluge of mail in ballots slowed postal delivery, voter suppression lawsuits, and the president himself could affect the outcome. Join us Be a part of it today on fresh air, or I should say this evening seven PM on member supported, cubed and then one hour later are eight o'clock special. It's Kelly Corrigan wonders tonight. Renowned educator Wanda Holland Green joins Kelly Corrigan. To dig into finding common ground with absolutely anyone, even people. We think we hate Kelly Corrigan wonders at eight PM there's a rebroadcast at 1 A.m. tomorrow morning on morning edition Up next. Georgia is one of the states that remains too close to call in the 2020 presidential election. Donald Trump won the state in 2016 by a margin of a little more than.

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