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ST Jude. Coming here was literally life or death and so scary, But the ST Jude is fighting for one goal like this one mission in life and that gave us hope. We haven't received a single bill from ST Jude. So I Really can just focus on what's best for really finding cures. Saving Children learn more at ST Jude on ork. To 18 pretty powerful a council Friday when families of Carjacking victims and victims themselves were pretty much begging the city and police and leaders across the state. Like where the county and city I should say more like it to just stop it. Well, what what's going on here and what can be due to conduct to combat this alderman Brendan Riley is with us. This is something else. I know you have been talking to folks in your ward about and you also have great relations with police and tell us what can you tell us here, Alderman, what's what's happening and what's being done. It's a zoo You mentioned we had a really lengthy public hearing City Council on Friday. We heard a lot of public testimony from folks were impacted by car jackings victims. And, uh what? What was really powerful to me was the diversity of voices. All over the city of Chicago. South side West side North side downtown. Who have, um Strong belief. I think they're right. That our criminal justice system is failing on this issue that spiraling completely and totally out of control. And one of the things we heard over and over again consistently. If there need to be consequences. This needs to be considered a serious crime, and during testimony we heard from public officials in the state's attorney's office. On with CPD that although the police are arresting Whole lot of carjackers. Very, very few are being prosecuted at the felony level where there are impactful and meaningful, um, jail time assigned for breaking the law. And so when there's a lack of accountability Where what is usually violent crime. Um, you're gonna consume you to see this happen and and grow in frequency, and that's where we are today. And so Part of it certainly is that there needs to be much more accountability for this criminal act. We also have an issue. We learned that the vast majority of those folks that are who are committing these crimes are between the ages of 15 and 20. And if you're under the age of 18, you are processed through our juvenile justice system on Daz. We all know penalties in that system are far less severe. On by kids are in some cases, right police. So given the opportunity to, um you know, never repeat again. But we're seeing such a receipt of ism rate and so many repeat offenders. That's clearly not working either. And finally do the police have the tools and technology they need to safely apprehend the carjackers. In the answer. That question is no, they don't S. So we talked about all of these things, plus another layer of the onion, which is investing in communities and these kids so that they have more productive things to do with their time than steal cars s O ah, lot of stuff to handle their but I focused in on technology and our helicopter. On, but maybe it's something we could talk about. But, yeah, I don't want to hear more about that. Because I think it is a complex issue. And I know police say that. You know, they're pretty much given the orders. They can't chase. So how do you go after a car? How do you find them? If you can't it sounds like the helicopter was successful this weekend, and they employ it and was successful in a Carjacking situation. They sure did. And then they have many times before. But the problem that the city of Chicago has is that we have a grand total of two helicopters to cover this really, really big city and One of those helicopters is never in service, so we're really policing the city with one police helicopter and to give you some context, Los Angeles has 17 In the air any given time, and the city of New York has eight. S so I feel like the police department here should be given some additional resource is when it comes to that, because to your point a zoo matter of policy. And the limit the city's liability to prevent you know pedestrians and civilians from being hurt or killed. We have a no chase policy. The only way the best way in the safest way to track these folks and catch them where they stopped. The vehicle is via helicopter. And so I'm not suggesting we have 50 helicopters. But two or three troops who would be nice on by also have learned through my research that are our helicopters. We currently have a very expensive to maintain per hour. If we were to buy newer, cheaper helicopters, they'd be almost half the price to maintain S. O. From a budgetary standpoint, that's good math, too. But I do think that our police need extra tools like that in our license plate reader cameras that I've been investing a lot of public money in downtown. We need more of that, too. But certainly until there's accountability in the criminal justice system for doing this, it's going to continue. And I'm hoping Friday's committee hearing was a wake up call for everybody involved, especially the folks who were Presiding over our courts that they really do need to make this a serious serious crime s O that kids learn. This is not something we want to do again. S Oh, yeah, It's very frustrating. And we can't afford to see this favor. We see eight or nine Carjackings a day right now completely and totally unacceptable and not a single alderman is satisfied with this. All of our constituents collectively are scared. In the city has to step up in the county has to step up. But am I right? That the county courts didn't send a representative to this meeting that everyone was there? The police and all those five in your e heard they weren't there. Yeah, one of the most important legs on that three legged stool failed to show up. And I suspect it's because it wouldn't have gone very well for those folks speaking for the Cook County court system, they don't have a lot of good answers because the results have been horrendous. And be the sentencing has been horrendous. But more importantly, I want to make sure that if the police are doing the good police work in detective work to catch these carjackers I want to make sure they're being properly prosecuted. And if they're committing these crimes with a gun, God forbid. They should be prosecuted a spell Unease period. And that was done to strong message to a lot of people. You're gonna do a lot of time in prison If you try this don't bother s O. That to me is also really, really important for us to get right. I'd agree. I'd agree, and I hope we do for all of us. I mean, I saw Mike Greco's son, Sam Royko was one of those who spoke about a Carjacking talking about how much he loves Chicago and I believe in our city. But we're seeing that people are afraid to just drive around the streets, and that can't be I I agree with him wholeheartedly loved this city. I personally know two people who've been carjacked in the past year didn't know a soul. My entire life here who would ever know him through that? Seventies, a brazen act leader happening in broad daylight in the middle of the day in commercial districts with lots of people on the street, So I mean, it's not like these are all happening at nighttime. Not a lot of people around. It's just there's no fear of consequences. To the extent where these folks will do this within a block or two of a squad car. It's out of control. That part has to get right and I know you guys are on it. And I appreciate the time this afternoon. Alderman Riley always love hearing from you. And I know these are issues that you know you go after you get it. You get the answers, and hopefully the solutions will will follow. We'll see this chick see a change, right? That's what we want. Appreciate the time. We're not gonna give up on this one, I promise. Thank you. Have a good afternoon. Okay, try.

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