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Do you feel like you guys are a marketing company to a certain extent as well because you do a fantastic job with reaching the consumer at the place that they play at and attracting those patients to your offices into the online footprint. What's what's your perspective on the marketing piece. Is this something that just kind of fell into placing just cup kept coming up with all these cool ideas or is something that was really planned out on the back that we don't know about or just came for wishing out of nowhere like let's touch on that a little bit. We certainly don't think of ourselves as marketing company We have a brand team That focuses on ensuring that our brand is represented in the right way and that Were creating awareness with the rate at consumer base but first and foremost We really think about Are creating the best products and experiences for our customers and If we get those things right than They're wearing this will follow and one of the metrics that we track most closely. Net promoter score Customer satisfaction so To measure a net promoter score you ask consumers to to rate from zero to ten. How likely they are to refer you to a friend. I take all the people who rate you. A nine or ten Subtract all the people who radio six below. And that's your net promoter score and our. Nps has been in the eighty s for our entire company's history Less corridors eight three and as a result We have a lot of happy customers who tend to tell a lot of other people About the experience and the product that they had and said to this day Even though we've been around for eleven plus years have over one hundred stores throughout the country The majority of a customers tell us that they heard about per through a friend on that they were ferch Through a friend and so We really do our customers as our best marketing channel And we do you think about ways that we can amplify that whether it's I interesting Mechanisms where we can engage with consumers like Our class trip the school bus that that we few years ago Or thinking about how we can use our stores In creative ways where we can add custom murals and unique art.

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