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Solve all your financial me to wear it whereas limerick i might as in the leprechaun gun come does at all of us he's on the back was lucky charm she saw the self now when you went to the bank yesterday did you bringing the leprechaun i will tell you this i noticed how politically correct the leprechauns had become over the years in battle creek michigan the cereal capital of the world the uh not general motors what uh general mills although i think in a andrew milton michigan right general milroy ten battled we put boy is that leprechaun is looking very gauge well that's what i'm saying i'm wondering if they're catering to a certain crowley alan cooke added i really look at the the first leprechauns on the lucky charms box when we were cage and you look at him now it's almost like the you can't even identify them according to gender or according to this shuttling threatment probably intentional occurred as it's probably intentional as you're seeing so much of a trend you look in commercials you look at trying to appeal to everybody not mr curtis wewe so i think that that is the mission behind it um but i getting back to the coal pizza you know i actually i'm not surprised because you see some of these studies all the time that in pizza you know you have the veggies the bread is obviously lots of carbs and everything else but think about in lucky charms not just the leprechaun but so much of lucky charms it's like it's like ninety nine percent sugar that's not that's unhealthy cereals different of you have today i had my little fog game a little you know nonfat yogurt and i had granola that's a serial that's a breakfast i'd be curious the difference between that while and home pizza i remember having lucky charm sean time when i was half a bag recovering from the night before party in which i poured in coca cola well into the lucky charm yes oh that sounds like the breakfast a champion all void get you candid atomic when any way they now experimenting in japan because coca cola sales it down in which here adding boom to the coca she gave him three mayor grohmann engineering bottle in japan if it works in japan to go to be bringing india any way our numbers one 800848wabc that's one eight hundred eight four eight nine two two two let's go to.

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