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Companies in more than two hundred countries and territories that have built their business on net sweets platform and Maybe it's time for you to check it out sweets a lot more cost effective than you might think and as a listener to this podcast they're offering you a free one hour growth review with an an expert in your industry checkout net sweet dot com slash different to book your Growth Review. That's net sweet dot com slash different all right we would like to thank my Buddy Bruce Cleveland his firm wildcat ventures and why not check out his new fantastic book. I highly recommend it. It's called traversing the the traction gap versing the traction gap. Wherever you get legendary books speaking of legendary stuff that I liked the mission daily podcast a podcast for smart people who want to get smarter check it out wherever you listen to podcasts speaking of books hey my book my first book play bigger how pirates dreamers and innovators tres create and dominate markets one life fully live dot org? This is the nonprofit helping you Dream Plan. Live your best life. Check out the number one life. I fully live dot. Org Grow Wire Dot Com. It's what entrepreneurial people are reading on the Internet for stories of innovation. There's a great podcast at Great Youtube Channel. We'll check out grow wire DOT COM and if you're an entrepreneurial person and you want to scale yourself one look into the power of a virtual assistant with my good friends at bottleneck virtual assistance you can check them out at bottleneck dot online and my friends at spunk WanNa help you bring data to everything as you know we are living in the data age and there's a massive explosion happening with data and there's two kinds of companies in the future those that harness harness the digital revolution and those that are not around so check out my friends at spunk slash D to e. That's S. P. L. U. N. Okay Slash D to e all right. I need to remind you that this odd cast is a sole property of the lockhead cast network. What do you think beatrice she? He likes the outcast network definitely and we would love it. If you shared the shit out of it all right do remain perturb not clearly this odd cast is created in the.

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