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Page 3129817200, Mike and Batavia. You have a question for the Roy Spencer. Yeah, thanks for taking my call. I have, uh, very downspout and attached between the PVC pipe in the downspout. It's a green leaf occurred and it's open. It's not enclosed. And every time I get a hard ring, it splashes all over the foundation. And it goes kind of, you know, down into the ground, which is kind of defeating the purpose. So I was wondering if they have like an enclosed this card that wouldn't do that. Okay, So, uh, new style, by the way, so so it doesn't get blocked up that it comes down. Could you install that? My house? Yeah. I'm a big fan of having a leaf guard there. The idea is that it should be vented and open. So all the water that comes out of the downspout does go directly splash. It goes through the leaf guard, just a screen. But all the water should still go into the underground pipe. It shouldn't be splashing out. So no, it is. It is. Yeah, that's hitting the phone. I'm curious. Do you know where the Underground pipe terminates out to the grass like 10 ft out. Okay, So do we know that that's open? It's not clogged, and I could you run a garden hose in there, and it does come back out the other end. Right, right, and I could see the water. It's not even that. You know when that range you can kind of see the movement in there that the water is going our way out there. But you're saying the bulk of the water is not going in the papers splashing out. The welcome mat is going in. It's just when it gets heavy, heavy rain. It's closed. It squares and off of the the guard. And it kind of hits found to the foundation, then Yeah, Parker is going in. Okay, Well, um It shouldn't have, you know, you know, I guess maybe some of it could splash out. It shouldn't be enough to to cause an issue. But, uh um you know, I think I can think as long as the pipe is clear. There's not shouldn't be really a problem, but, uh I've seen some online like, forget their colleague, Flex card cover or something. They still have the screen to prevent leaves and debris from getting down. But it's in clothes that would prevent that splashing. I don't know if you guys have something like that or not. No, we don't. But I could see where you You could have that where there's just, uh and opening. Can you take a picture of that might consent. It'd be Roy. Maybe last time. Roy was sure I sent the video is and a text message. And I never heard back so I could stop there on his way home, right? Yeah. Well, I had Lindholm roofing our show partner. Do my entire house with their real gutter guards that stops it right at the gutter. And then you're not worried about down spots. It's expensive, but My life improved greatly. Yeah, I'll tell you what, Mike, I'm going to give you my cell phone number. Send me the video and I'll show Roy I sent right videos all the time. Okay. Okay. Sounds good. Alright, Here's my cell phone 773. 4564566526 shoot me the video 7737734566526 shoot me the video and I'll get it over the right. Thank you. All right, buddy. Hang time for your meds. Still thinking you should stop by that guy's house during a rainstorm and then claim the other thing else to do with how much splashing story? Yeah. Video would be great. Thank you. So then you know the equipment to bring out when he's going out to his house to. Yeah, but what I'm saying, Of course it's splashing when you get a lot of rain. Yeah, Editing. Everything is getting wet. Right? A lot of rain. Did you tell him that, um, good. That's like my sprinkler guy. I just don't know how much rain he's making it sound. It could be a problem that we've heard. It's not function that's like my swindler guy canceling to readjust my Schmeichel heads because it was raining. I'm like Hello. What I mean, you did never set a sprinkler up at your house like an actual hose with a sprinkler on it. Yeah, you will get wet every time you do it. Do you know what I'm saying? That's why I have to move it a little bit less little bit little bit right. You try to time it and never works. You throw it a little bit 31 to 91 seventy two hundred 708 does per missile. Doom all concrete leveling jobs number one. Do you do mall concrete, leveling jobs? Small. That's what it says like in a shopping mall. I don't know. It's just we do concrete leveling. Yes, you got sunk in concrete. That's what we do The second part of the question, right follow up question to this question from the texture. Does permit still go to Northwest Indiana ST John area in particular, and is there a minimum feet? I know there's no minimum feet to come out and give the estimate is free. We do have a minimal job that so um but we need to look at the type of work that's involved. Alright. It's free Estimate. 773 is listening in the car. So thank you for texting us telling that us that you're listening in the car. 847 back your credit union does bridge loan So thank you for that great information. I think we covered this 63. Oh, Why should somebody with $30,000? What? The credit card debt over $30,000 car because they might need a car. 3129 and the cost of cars right now are kind of expensive and that's not an excessive vehicle. 312981 70 There's a car shortage. I literally drove by. An auto dealer by my home. They and I could count the number of cars as I'm driving by because there were literally no cars on this poor dealer's lot crazy and they were parking the cars almost vertical instead of for us, right, so their eight ft car took up 2.5 spaces. Of of in their lives Look like you have cards look like, damn card. Never seen that my whole life Well in, they're all used to think that that's what they're doing. I told I told the story. We we got $20,000 over blue book. Uh, before he leaves his car, so I'm like, okay, You know, we didn't need a new car, but It's just raining money out, just rate them on it Money on you right? And then then with Tracy said they should have cars by September September. Hopefully who knows? 3129817200773? What do you do with the garage floor cement? Smalling. Don't want to replace the floor is their coding that would work. What do you guys and we're talking about? Smalling. It seems to be a hot topic. So why does it do epoxy finish? They do fill, but they grind your whole floor. They do the whole thing. That's Was eight bucks a foot or something. Um, yeah, to do in a poxy over toxic stuff. But again, um, the problem is like I love that one of your textures came in about. You know if concrete isn't you know, finished properly in the cream comes off and stuff. You have substandard concrete that moisture comes up through. So even your poxy overly could pop off again right thing, so it's not cheap and no guarantee is going to solve the problem. You've got to cure the problem before you put a coding. Because on the code is going to stop topping, right..

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