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That is guys very windy and rainy in downtown Detroit. Well, it is baseball. Hopefully, we will get baseball in this afternoon. Hello again, everyone. We're getting ready to try and wrap up this three game set with the angels, very soggy forecast for the afternoon. And indeed the hope is that somehow we can dodge the raindrops long enough to get an official game in this. It's just one of those tricky situations, Jim because the angels only come in once as everybody knows. And they already have a makeup game in Chicago and make them come to one city for one day well out of their way, going home to Los Angeles. It's asking a lot. And that's there's a lot of pressure on the Tigers to to try to get this game in today. So we could be we could be waiting a long time. We really could be. But you gotta be fair. Also to the fans, that's one thing. I think that you have to look at me where there are fans here. You can't have them sit out here for three or four hours. Then maybe the game's called him. You got to keep the fans up to date. Tigers today will send Ryan covering to them to the mound. If we get a chance to play. And right now, again, the the latest forecasts had maybe some stop visit with last an hour and a half. But everybody knows if if they if we do start this afternoon, there's a good chance of more rain is on the way, you just hope that maybe you dodge a bullet in that ring goes south or north east or west. What can you get the get the game in? We'll take any of those Ryan carpenter will get the start. As I start this year. We saw them in five different starts last year. The angels are going to use an opener today to begin the game Luke barred and again who knows what will happen after that. I mean, they have a scheduled pitcher to start if you will after that their primary pitcher is a twins called it last year. We're going to have to wait and see with this weather if they're gonna that plan. Tigers and angels trying to wrap up this three-game set if we played today the starting lineups with Jim. All right, Dan. The brought to you by Detroit. Actual always free next day shipping on all your auto parts needs for the angels leading all playing left field. David Fletcher body, second playing center centerfield, Mike trout. Batting third. The H. Joanie Otano Bennett cleanup plan shorts shortstop angelsen Simmons at first base batting fifth Albert pool halls batting six and playing right field. Kole calhoun? Catching and batting seventh. Kevin smith. By the eighth and playing third base echoes are in batting ninth. Playing second base Tommy list for Detroit the off playing third base Jamie Candelaria in right field and batting second. Nick has the autos batting third. The debate the big man Miguel Cabrera it left field and batting cleanup. Nico goodra Betty fit the playing first base. Ronnie rodriguez. About six and playing second base Howard Castro at shortstop and batting seventh. Gordon beckham. The eighth and catchy. Grayson Greiner body playing center field for your Tigers. Jacoby Joe's pitching matchup brought to you. By the veteran Detroit to dealers find out about over thirty hours.

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