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With children, the crass sitcom that helped launch the FOX network back in the eighties Cartolini on the other end of the TV in comedy spectrum starred as the sardonic Outkast Lindsey, the central character in NBC's freaks and geeks at the end of the nineties, married. With children lasted a decade freaks and geeks was canceled after one brilliant season, but its reputation lives on so does it influence because freaks and geeks was the spawning ground for Judd appetite. And he's entire comedy world. That world includes of course, the movie comedy hit anchorman. The legend of Ron burgundy which was produced by appetito start Applegate and will Ferrell and was directed by Adam McKay Fairlane McKay or the executive producers of dead to me re teaming with Applegate and pairing her with Cartolini who since had memorable roles on E R madman. And the current avengers endgame film. The other key contributor here is Liz Feldman, the writer producer who created dead to me. Her credits include the CBS, sitcom, two broke girls. The dead to me is so so much better than that. It's her career-best work an inch the career best work for Applegate Cartolini to. Applegate stars. As gen a recent widow with two young boys and a long string of anger issues. She's still dealing with the sudden death of her husband and in the very first scene. Defines her character with withering sarcasm when a married neighbor in her southern California suburb shows up at our front door with a gift. It's a sort of sympathy casserole a ready made meal and genyk separate, but not very graciously. So you just heated up at three hundred and leave it in for thirty five minutes. Thanks, karen. Really don't have to take on Mexican lasagna. Great. It's out thing. We just don't you think you're alone. Jeff Meyer here field. If you ever wanna talk. Thanks just can't imagine what you're going through. Well, it's like if Jeff got hit by a car and died, suddenly and violently. Right. Jen has so much seething resentment. She visits grief therapy group where she meets Judy a woman with her own issues of loss. She's played by Linda Cartolini. And while Judy is receptive. To the soothing words of guidance. From the group's pastor Jen is a lot less open to the entire concept of a motion healing. So last week. We started talking about. And ford. Forgive forgiveness to be very difficult, and you can take time even a lifetime. But no matter what the circumstances everyone is deserving forgiveness. Really think that she's hey, man. Excuse me. How do you forgive someone who hits your husband with their car, and then drives.

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