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5 18 is their time here in Houston's Morning news. I have found this very interesting. As far as the participation rate for first responders in front liners has released of the vaccine. Lot of them are opting out. I mean, like, probably, for example, in Los Angeles over 40%. The firefighters are not getting the vaccine. I don't know what it is locally by, but the numbers are pretty similar. I have talked to a few firefighters. And those who were involved in fire fighting him in police here in the greater Houston area, and they need some. It's amazing to me how many of them are opting out or not getting it now? Is this just our natural distrust? Vaccines, or is there something else at work here? Dr. Nicole Sapphire kind of got asked that over the weekend on Fox. Here's what she said about why so many people have not opted in. I'm getting a vaccination. I can understand why I'm hearing some of these headlines may cause people some concern, and it's not just the L. A firefighters. Really It's being seen all across the country where there are people opting not to have received the vaccine, and it's happening for a variety of reasons. Some people feel that they don't need it. They don't believe that they're high enough risk to either contracting it or there. I don't believe that they would have severe illness if they got it. Others have some vaccine hesitancy. We know that that runs rampant throughout the United States due to some conspiracy theories that people are claiming that the research was rushed. There was a lot of politicization of the scientific process when it came to making these vaccines and so unfortunately it is really muddy the waters and it is, it is had a very unfortunate result. When it comes to vaccines. If you look at flu vaccines every year about only 35 to 40% of American adults, actually Get the flu vaccine, and that's being because a lot of health care workers actually forced to get if they work in health care setting. So we know that a far majority of adults don't actually get normal vaccines anyway. So covert 19. I'm not surprised that people aren't getting it. I'm not afraid to get it. I'm just not willing to go down the minute maiden stand in a long line to get it. No, I'm not. I don't feel that brushed. Together when it once it becomes convenient. Sure, I'll probably get it. But in the meantime, You know how far out of my way am I going to go to go get it concerning a little. I do. People just they don't know what to believe anymore. Well, it's true, You know? Who do you trust? Who do you trust? I mean, he had found you telling you that we wouldn't have it then a guy I don't trust you. But now you got about you saying he now he's taking credit for all these other new vaccines that are soon to come online. You know, they're all going to take credit for it. And they're all gonna make money for me, and they're more conventional vaccines. You know, the first to the Fizer, The Moderna. They're not a typical vaccine. And so people have a lot of distrust for it. I think I think you're probably right by.

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